Translation of tonic in Spanish:


tónico, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɑnɪk/ /ˈtɒnɪk/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(pick-me-up)

      tónico masculine

    • 1.2also tonic water

      tónica feminine
      (with masculine article in the singular) agua tónica feminine
      (with masculine article in the singular) aguaquina feminine Venezuela

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    tónica feminine


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    • The Chinese sometimes include zhu ling (they use the sclerotium rather than the fruiting body) as an ingredient in herbal tonic formulas.
    • But it is neither a variation on one of the old iron supplements nor is it a food, although its adherents say it has tonic properties and you do apply it to the body.
    • Digestive tonic properties and early experimental findings that its long-term use promotes the heart and vascular system are other feathers in the cap for this herb.
    • Adults still dutifully head home to mother for tonic soups when a hectic all-work-and-no-play lifestyle leaves them feeling under the weather.
    • The range features a cleansing gel, tonic lotion, facial mask, day lotion and concentrate and a night gel as well as a blemish control stick and cream.
    • His letters mention ‘excellent spirits’ and tonic air full of wonderful odours.
    • Flavonoids are the most powerful health bestowing constituent of tonic herbs.
    • This excellent tonic herb is high in mineral content, with a preference for supporting the liver.
    • As such it is a common ingredient in tonic formulas, particularly for elderly or debilitated people.
    • Ashwagandha is unique as a tonic herb in that it is exceptionally easy to cultivate and is ready for harvest after only one year of growth.
    • So the mere presence of a fixed percentage of ginsenosides does not guarantee the tonic properties of a well-aged root.
    • Spontaneous carbonation or bubbles that sprung from natural mineral springs were believed to relieve common ailments with their tonic properties.
    • Somehow this alchemical process turns it from a cooling herb to a tonic herb.
    • Dang Quai is one of the most popular Chinese tonic herbs for women.
    • Flavonoids are the most powerful health bestowing constituent of tonic herbs.
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    (scale/chord) tónico
    tonic accent acento tónico
    • At first, whirling scales and broken arpeggios scamper across the keyboard, hopefully tethered by tonic pedal notes in the bass.
    • After an unusually long and chromatic development the recapitulation begins in the tonic minor.
    • Indeed, the tonic D, which has held sway over much of the movement's main tonal and harmonic thrust, is thrown into some degree of crisis.
    • A tonic resolution such as that at the end of this piece seems to me have quite an ironic quality.
    • The superimposition of the tonic and dominant forms of the motif does not bring a resolution, only an uneasy symbiosis.