Translation of too in Spanish:


demasiado, adv.

Pronunciation /tu/ /tuː/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(excessively)

      it's too big/expensive es demasiado grande/caro
      • there were too many people/cars había demasiada gente/demasiados coches
      • these shoes are too big/small for me estos zapatos me quedan grandes/pequeños
      • that's too difficult for her to understand es demasiado difícil para que lo entienda
      • you're too kind ¡qué amable eres!
      • four mistakes? that's four too many ¿cuatro faltas? son cuatro faltas de más
      • A small number in the queue do have an NHS dentist, but the wait is too long to see them.
      • However, if you leave it too late, or wait to see if rates fall further, you could lose out.
      • Work on the master plan needs to begin because the area has waited for too long already.
      • The court also said the cell phone companies waited too long to object to the rule.
      • Just over half of those asked said waiting on hold for too long was their pet hate.
      • Alice is probably lumping me in with the people who take the wrong things too seriously.
      • We decided it was too cold for a jet wash so I was sent back inside the garage for a token for the proper car wash.
      • These are not the answers you would expect from people too frightened to speak freely.
      • The sauce was rich and tangy without ever becoming too hot, and the fish was nicely moist.
      • As it turned out, they arrived at the New Forest nursery too late and decided to head back.
      • As the blaze raged on fire chiefs decided it was too dangerous to tackle directly.
      • The judge said the offences were too serious for anything but a custodial sentence.
      • Its beauty is dependent on its dampness and greenness, and it looks awful when it is too dry.
      • The blokes took it all far too seriously and before long it got very competitive.
      • This project is too important to ever be hindered by a lack of funds or resources.
      • By the end, the film has become far too serious in its attitude and it becomes quite dreary.
      • Most amateurs that I play with tend to try to hit the ball too hard, especially off the tee.
      • Do you think that this is fair or is it too early to make a realistic judgment?
      • The ruby hue is due to tiny gold particles too small to see with the naked eye.
      • If one waits too long, then the patient can be so frail and unfit that surgery is no longer an option.

  • 2

    • 2.1(as well)

      • He zeroes in on the face of an old woman, showing that the weak and elderly are victims too.
      • She then has to solve the riddle of the tape before she too falls victim to its curse.
      • I could see there was a lot of other stuff inside there too, and a lot more money besides.
      • Under the guise of sociology, the film manages to slip us a fair amount of gynaecology too.
      • The quote might be seen to have a resonance for his own situation as leader in waiting, too.
      • It was a marathon for them too - having to wait around in the pouring rain for six hours!
      • Runs can come quickly, too, especially if the ball is new and there are gaps in the field.
      • Thousands more workers will be terrified that they too could be caught in the jobs cull.
      • She has decided, too, to concentrate on her game for a few years to the exclusion of all else.
      • She was moved by this story and decided that she too must become a mathematician.
      • Our style was simple too: win the ball and get it to the backs as quickly as possible.
      • He was moving that day too and we decided to help each other, plus he'd got the van for free from his work.
      • It had all happened so fast and now we too were bemused, not knowing what to do next.
      • Michael took another step closer to her and she noticed that he too had slept in his clothes.
      • There are lots of fun places to take the youngsters too, including zoos and water parks.
      • It all seems to be well put together too, with solid construction and good fit and finish.
      • Once your hair is really long consider tying it back in a loose plait at bedtime too.
      • He was jostling for what could have been a strong points finish when he too was forced to retire.
      • The people of Barking did too, and they sent a strong message to the new government.
      • Consider fixing up some bat boxes too, high up on a wall, near the eaves of the house or in a tall tree.

    • 2.2(emphatic)

      he came to apologize — I should think so too! vino a disculparse — ¡era lo menos que podía hacer!
      • quite right too! ¡bien hecho!
      • you didn't tell him — I did too! no se lo dijiste — ¡sí señor! ¡se lo dije!