Translation of torrent in Spanish:


torrente, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɔrənt/ /ˈtɑrənt/ /ˈtɒr(ə)nt/

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    torrente masculine
    the water poured out in torrents el agua salía a torrentes
    • a torrent of abuse/criticism un torrente de insultos/críticas
    • He's a very bright young man whose ideas come spilling out of him - on paper or on the phone - in a torrent of words.
    • Malcolm heard a torrent of foreign words as the girl tried to calm the child, then a bustle as she laid him down.
    • It points, like an arrow, to the one word that stops her from hurling a torrent of abuse at him.
    • Sometimes a torrent of words flood out, full of references to rap, hip hop and skateboarding.
    • They humiliated Brian, subjecting him to a torrent of physical and emotional abuse.
    • He turned his attention in our direction; a torrent of abuse was unleashed.
    • More than two decades before, a torrent of information had overwhelmed detectives hunting the Yorkshire Ripper.
    • After a year which has seen Goodwin suffer a torrent of abuse over his share price, these were the first signs of submission.
    • She barely lets me finish and unleashes a torrent of abuse in my direction.
    • Three men who have helped control each other's mental illnesses have been forced from their home by a torrent of abuse.
    • She responded from the public gallery with a torrent of abuse at court staff, while Ashley hit a policewoman in the dock.
    • Well, the answer could be that most Scots are frightened in case they get a torrent of verbal abuse - or a black eye.
    • When they tried talking to the youngsters concerned they claim they received a torrent of abuse.
    • If anyone complains, they are met with a torrent of abuse or even physical threats.
    • He became angry when she asked him to get off so she could pull away and launched a torrent of abuse.
    • It also brought a torrent of anti-union abuse and lies in most of the media.
    • After that disgraceful performance the players should have been subjected to a torrent of jeers and whistles.
    • The gunship circled in the night sky, raining a torrent of bullets down on buildings and streets nearby.
    • Ocap has been subjected to a torrent of criticism in the media and by mainstream politicians.
    • But this year it could be said his actions are speaking louder than the torrent of words with which he showers his questioners.
    • Artemis kept the torrent of water streaming towards the animal but it did no good in slowing it down.
    • People talked about hundreds of folks running in terror through the streets trying to escape the raging torrents of waters.
    • Solicitor Paul Cowper and his family endured a gruelling seven hours trapped on a balcony, surrounded by torrents of raging water in Sri Lanka.
    • On Saturday night residents in Chapel Street and Meeting Street anxiously watched as torrents of water poured down the Chapel Hill and the Back Lane.
    • But the huge speeds of the Volvo 70s and the vast torrents of water pouring over sleek decks increases the dangers.
    • Metal sheets were used to divert the torrents of water which poured through the roof.
    • The water flowed down his garden to join the torrent coming down the stream.
    • He let out a yell as he set forth his magic, sending a torrent of water streaming towards the beasts in front of him.
    • Others needed the assistance of recovery vehicles to rescue them when the severe weather sent torrents of water cascading onto the roads of Kerry.
    • Fields were soon under water, quiet little streams changed into raging torrents, and in Taunton many homes were engulfed as the River Tone burst its banks.
    • On some roads, rain water was flowing in torrents, this time not due to rain or clogged drains.
    • The Owenduff river flows off Corslieve and was a raging torrent by comparison with the gentle stream of the summer.
    • Braving the icy torrents of white water in the Victorian Alps, personnel from the School of Artillery discovered the true meaning of adventurous training.
    • On either side of the path was a massive green field and, within each field, there was a single, pristine white fountain gushing with thick torrents of water.
    • And it flipped its tail and water poured out in torrents (yes, like rain!) out of the tank and splashed on us.
    • The other side is dominated by a dark, looming mass which suggests torrents of water rushing upward.
    • Salty water cascaded in torrents down my face and my sobs were strangled and helpless.
    • It was dark and gloomy and he could not see very well past the torrent of cascading water.
    • A smelly torrent of water flooded over him, and he let go, spluttering bad temperedly.
    • The hill burns are torrents of water and the main river a chocolate flood.