Translation of torture in Spanish:


tortura, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɔrtʃər/ /ˈtɔːtʃə/

Definition of tortura in Spanish


  • 1

    tortura feminine
    to undergo torture sufrir torturas
    • these exercises are torture! ¡estos ejercicios son una tortura / un suplicio!

transitive verb

  • 1

    (person/animal) torturar
    she was tortured by doubts/jealousy las dudas/los celos la atormentaban
    • he tortured himself with the thought that he was to blame la idea de que tenía la culpa lo atormentaba
    • If the history was one of beating up someone, or tormenting or torturing someone, that is always relevant leading up to the act.
    • He believed that he would be imprisoned, tortured or possibly executed.
    • Her husband was arrested and detained for approximately three months during which period he was tortured.
    • The Appellant states that he was not asked much about how he was tortured.
    • There are treaty obligations, Clement replied, and there is the threat of court martial for people in the military who torture enemies contrary to the law.
    • The fight against those who torture animals in the name of science has moved up a step and we must be ready to take our struggle forward.
    • I've no doubt you will be the size of a toothpick by the time the camera starts rolling, but you will have had to brutally torture yourself to do it.
    • She poses the question: ‘If everyone could feel everyone else's pain who would torture?’
    • We know that they have arrested everyone they take to the hospital, taken people to jail and tortured them.
    • The regime routinely jails dissidents, has tortured them, and bans all opposition.
    • Some of them have been tortured or given heavy prison sentences for this offence alone.
    • I was lucky: days later the regime began imprisoning and torturing journalists for the same offence I'd committed.
    • Imprisoning and torturing people for that is resurrecting the ‘crime’ of lese majeste.
    • They are torturing people who are already suffering desperately.
    • If we can help and inspire other people to see that you don't have to torture people, you don't have to have oppressive regimes.
    • He has killed hundreds of thousands of people and tortured and oppressed countless others.
    • He is reported to have been physically and mentally tortured and has not been heard of since May.
    • They had both suffered gunshot and stab wounds and appeared to have been tortured.
    • If you seek pleasure with disregard for others you're going down a dark, lonely, depressing slide into mental torture a place where you wish you weren't born.
    • The site was too much to take in, yet a firm imprint of what was before me was planted firmly into my mind, torturing me for as long as I live.
    • I had my car back, so there wouldn't be any long, silent, bus rides to torture my mind with.
    • He can wheedle people so easily - play tricks with their minds, torture them emotionally, until they give in to despair.
    • Further back there were booths where one could be alone and torture the mind with alcohol.
    • He is a man on the edge of a mental abyss, a soul tortured by events in his past he dare not confront when sober.
    • I'm used to holding hearings where people cry, families who are at their wits' end, people whose obsessional behaviour tortures them all day long, and people for whom really the only alternative is suicide.
    • So why do we still torture ourselves with constant obsessing about weight and appearance and dress sizes?
    • It probed around his mind, taunting it, torturing it, but never letting on who or what it might be.
    • Tear down the walls of self-consciousness in your mind, rip to shreds all the self-defeating messages you torture yourself with all the time.
    • Here in the dark, they torture me, these silent shrill voices echoing in my mind, will they haunt me forever?
    • He left me alive to torture me, to keep his haunting words in my mind.
    • The picture remains to this day vivid in my mind, as if it lingers there only to torture me.
    • Had she been so jumpy and frightened in the empty black school that her mind invented the noise as a way to torture her even more?
    • He was taking his sweet time, torturing her mentally with the thought of what was going to happen.
    • Harry is being mentally tortured and starved by his muggle family during the summer holidays.
    • And instead I had to go to balls and other stupid events Czar Nikolai makes up to mentally torture us.
    • If our fear is vain, it is certain that fear itself is evil, and that the heart is groundlessly disturbed and tortured.
    • She didn't know why, but she wanted Haley to take her in his arms and heal the pain and send away the agony and torture she internally suffered.
    • She wondered for how long this sound would continue to torture and haunt her mind: she was not mad, but she believed that she soon would be.
  • 2tortured past participle

    (person/mind/soul) atormentado
    (language/sentences) retorcido

intransitive verb

  • 1

    infligir torturas