Translation of Tory in Spanish:


tory, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtɔri/ /ˈtɔːri/

Definition of tory in Spanish

nounplural Tories

  • 1

    (in UK)
    tory masculine, feminine
    • The Whigs owed their name, like the Tories, to the exclusion crisis of Charles II's reign.
    • Disraeli had resisted the attempts of some of his party faithful to make the Tories a solely Anglican party.
    • It was much broader than Tory or church party and avoided the divisive names of Whig and Tory at a time when many were combining to overthrow Walpole.
    • These were not political parties in the sense of the Whigs or Tories, or Hats and Caps.
  • 2

    (in US history)
    realista masculine, feminine


  • 1

    • Conversely, the monarchical tradition in Europe and Canada fostered Tory statism.
    • His childhood home was in Winton, a working-class area far in its culture from the conventional view of Bournemouth as a retirement home for Britain's highest concentration of Tory voters.
    • There is a grain of truth here, but we are all now too conscious of middle-class socialists, Tory workers, and the like, to pursue this line uncritically.
    • Our only chance was somehow to win the support of sufficient numbers of Tory councillors.
    • The fraud trials and convictions of more than a dozen former Tory MLAs, cabinet ministers and party hacks from the Devine era have been going on for about two years, with more to come.
    • Unlike most other party youth wings, none of these various Tory youth brigades was ever officially affiliated to the party either the Alliance or now the Conservatives.
    • By deliberately steering between the extremes of prevailing Whig and Tory philosophies he incurred the complaints of both sides.
    • It is, after all, easy to forget that guitar-groups reached their apogee during the last years of Tory rule.
    • What is novel is the error in the minds of Tory pundits: the fallacy of the superior virtue of the blessed.
    • He describes himself as a long-time Tory supporter who was in favour of the merger last year of the Conservatives with their often bitter right-wing rivals the Alliance.
    • Given the Tory divisions over Europe, it is likely that a strong pro or anti thrust would split the party.
    • The immediate goal would be the defeat of the Liberals by a Tory government; the next step would be the abrogation of NAFTA, something which the agreement permits on six months' notice.
    • Nevertheless, as has been well documented, the Tory government was very critical of the BBC's coverage of the war.
    • The Tory philosophy of government is healthy and it is also healthy in terms of the quality of people it attracts.
    • The debate on the Maastricht Treaty tore apart the last Tory government.
    • They were the prototype for most Tory election addresses for the next century.
    • By backing a Tory amendment, the Government will split any opposition to its stance.
    • The lesson of the Tory age - that long-life governments have to take particular care to guard against corruption - has been forgotten already.
    • It was envisioned, the story goes, as a short-term, inconsequential distraction, not a lasting symbol of the Tory campaign's ineptitude and crudity.
    • The poll found that the embattled Tory leader's personal rating is on the slide as his party is convulsed by fresh in-fighting.