Translation of totalitarian in Spanish:


totalitario, adj.

Pronunciation /toʊˌtæləˈtɛriən/ /ˌtəʊtalɪˈtɛːrɪən/ /təˌtalɪˈtɛːrɪən/

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    • We usually connect propaganda to totalitarian regimes and undemocratic societies.
    • More often, in fact, they are foot soldiers of totalitarian regimes and of mob rule.
    • Everywhere that people lived under totalitarian dictatorships, they felt he was one of them.
    • Once they came to power they turned to totalitarian dictatorships.
    • Her focus is very much on the centrality of terror to totalitarian regimes.
    • In its more moderated and diffused form it blamed the absence of democracy in totalitarian regimes not on the dictators but on the democracies.
    • The legislation clears the way for practices commonly identified with totalitarian regimes.
    • In some cases, a republic may be a dictatorial or totalitarian state.
    • They were not seen as an important force that could potentially undermine totalitarian regimes from within.
    • Maybe years of living under totalitarian dictatorships left them no choice but to live large in whatever small ways they can.
    • The counterpart is used only in totalitarian states or military dictatorships.
    • The best way to rid the world of totalitarian regimes is to show their citizens what the rest of the world is really like.
    • It is characteristic of totalitarian regimes to try to prevent private initiatives in education.
    • That fiction would be laughable were it not so dangerously resonant of totalitarian regimes against which this country once stood firm.
    • It is also, however, an approach that can be, and has been, misused by totalitarian regimes.
    • They allow for the chaotic nature of totalitarian regimes.
    • For it came into a world previously marked by despotism, by tyranny, by totalitarian control.
    • These are simply obstacles in his drive for an absolute autocracy and totalitarian power.
    • First of all, we all know the difference between a totalitarian regime and a democracy.
    • The Romanian Revolution was the most dramatic of a wave of uprisings that ended totalitarian rule throughout Eastern Europe.