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tacto, n.

Pronunciación /tətʃ/ /tʌtʃ/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(sense)

      tacto masculino
      they have a highly developed sense of touch tienen muy desarrollado el tacto / el sentido del tacto
      • Even if one is blessed with the senses of touch, smell, speech and hearing, it is sight that gives shape to imagination.
      • They were doing this with their hands in the dark with just a flashlight, and just using their senses of touch, smell and sight.
      • The wall will include different pieces of artwork to stimulate various senses including touch, smell, sight and sound.
      • You see, I don't have much of a physical sense of touch, but I can feel things.
      • Our brain gets stimulatory inputs through the special sensory stimuli of touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste.
      • There must have been grooves cut into the metal - perceptible only by touch.
      • Her hearing and sense of touch were perfect if not a bit muddled but for the life of her she could not move one muscle.
      • They have poor vision but a very good sense of smell and touch.
      • Instead, many urged a renewed alliance of the faculties, with touch as their tutor, guide, and ultimate arbiter.
      • A client may provide clues about her cultural perceptions of space and touch.
      • Sensation arises from contact or touch, illustrated by a man and woman embracing.
      • Physical touch, affection, and the messiness of caring for an uncoordinated person did not come easily.
      • Choosing whole fish is a sensory experience that involves touch, sight and smell.
      • But for those of us who practise and experience physical touch as a part of our lives, it is truly a powerful way of appreciating and accepting others.
      • We're looking for the reduction in unnecessary infection, most of which are transmitted by contact or touch.
      • Reassurance also came in the form of touch and physical closeness during the biopsy.
      • Born blind, she is possessed of an incredible beauty and an amazingly heightened sense of hearing and touch.
      • Finally, users report enhanced pleasure from physical sensations, especially the sense of touch.
      • This being the case, I sometimes can't quite ‘get’ my partner's aversion to physical touch.
      • The feel of the fabric and the wood on the skin combines the sense of touch and sight so that sexuality is intertwined with violence to the body.

    • 1.2(physical contact)

      the cold touch of marble el tacto frío del mármol
      • the merest touch is enough to set off the alarm un simple roce puede accionar la alarma
      • she longed for his touch añoraba sus abrazos (or caricias etc.)
      • he needs to develop a lighter touch on the piano tiene que aprender a tocar el piano con más suavidad

  • 2

    (small amount, degree)
    (of humor, irony) dejo masculino
    (of humor, irony) toque masculino
    (of paint) toque masculino
    add a touch of vinegar/salt agregue unas gotas de vinagre/una pizca de sal
    • there's a touch of autumn in the air hay algo otoñal en el ambiente
    • a touch of fever un poco de fiebre
    • a touch algo
    • a touch closer to the wall algo / un poquito más cerca de la pared
    • it should have a touch less/more sugar debería tener algo / un poquito menos/más de azúcar
    • A touch of Mardi Gras with a carnival type atmosphere was the end result and children of all ages had a memorable experience on this special occasion in Tubbercurry.
    • A touch of first night nerves hit the more experienced actors hardest, as one might expect but no doubt they disappeared as the week progressed.
    • A touch of Superstar Complacency had set in, I thought - which is a bit rich when you haven't even released your first single yet.
    • A touch of mascara, a pinch of blush, a dab of lip gloss, and I was set to go.
    • A touch of self-obsession can be slightly forgiven in this case then.
    • A touch of uncertainty and anxiety clearly permeated the chilly autumnal air.
    • A touch of breeze stirred a late hatch of flies; occasionally there was the soft plop of a sated brown trout.
    • A touch of arrogant confidence is part of the mix for competitive success.
    • A touch of humility before embarking on these lectures would also not come amiss.
    • A touch of cold in the air has brought the winter anglers out.
    • A touch of playfulness here and there dominates the divine characters.
    • A touch of the seaside was even brought to the show with a debut appearance from the Southport donkeys.
    • A touch of sweetness is a good thing in her book too.
    • A touch of irresponsibility isn't necessarily a bad thing.
    • A touch of mace or nutmeg is the only other thing needed.
    • A touch of color to the cheeks, a little lipstick, maybe some eye shadow and mascara-makeup seems harmless enough.
    • A touch of embarrassment swept over Rebecca as she remembered their last encounter and she could not bring herself to meet his eyes.
    • A touch of cinnamon or nutmeg mixed with plain low fat yogurt and brown sugar makes a refreshing dressing for a fresh fruit salad.
    • I then added a quick touch of mascara and light pink lip stick.
  • 3

    • 3.1(detail)

      detalle masculino
      it was a nice touch to mention … fue un detalle simpático hacer mención de …
      • the script has some surreal touches el guion tiene algunos detalles / elementos surrealistas
      • to add / put the final / finishing touches/touch to sth darle los últimos toques/el último toque a algo
      • Also offered is lunchtime delivery service, which, if you happen to work in the area, is a nice touch - call for details.
      • While a little light in content, this was an interesting feature and a nice touch.
      • A nice touch is the addition of plasma tv screens to watch sporting events while you play.
      • Many houses had their window and door features highlighted with contrasting colours which is a nice touch.
      • The layout is cool and spacious, contemporary without overdoing it, with some well-thought out details and imaginative touches.
      • In homage to the location, the 37 bedrooms feature many seaside touches.
      • It is a nice touch, but doesn't really fit with the feature presentation.
      • I really like the feature, and think it is a nice touch, as well as a time saver.
      • The rather abstract and distant creator of the Bible text is humanized by the preacher's narrative details and poetic touches.
      • There are also a few nice unexpected touches, such as a list of the benefits of making a donation to charity or some other philanthropic gesture.
      • The use of props and scenery is very inventive, there are nice little touches and stunning visual effects.
      • The story is simple, but it's the details and weird touches Lynch lays in that makes it complex and darkly disturbing.
      • The case is solid and well finished, with a number of nice additional touches.
      • Little elements of character development also add a nice touch.
      • This is a nice touch, as it allows the viewer deeper access into the reporters' experiences.
      • I recommend the extended version VHS for other nice touches like that.
      • As art school and 70s as it sounds, it has some clever and inventive touches - Blyth had a strong visual sense early on.
      • The boards would be a nice touch, but they'd ruin the aerodynamics, so perhaps better additions are a chalk-striped suit, fedora, and spats to your wardrobe.
      • The live music is definitely a nice touch though.
      • I think hiring a drag queen would also be a nice touch.

    • 3.2(effect)

      toque masculino
      the personal touch el toque personal
      • there's a touch of Groucho Marx about him tiene algo de Groucho Marx

  • 4

    habilidad femenino
    he handles the scene with a sure touch maneja la escena con gran habilidad
    • after 30 years he still hasn't lost his touch with an audience aun después de 30 años no ha perdido la habilidad de cautivar al público
    • The Prime Minister, we are told, is losing his touch.
    • However, I'm going to shout that honestly, Rick, you are losing your touch.
    • But there are signs that he could be losing his touch for self-promotion.
    • Not having enough things that have annoyed me - perhaps I'm losing my touch?
    • It failed and I had such a hard time figuring out what was wrong, I went through a stage of wondering whether I was losing my touch.
    • Late in the 2002 season, as Miami was in the midst of one of its annual collapses, both of these cornerbacks seemed to be losing their touch.
    • She had to wonder if maybe Mrs. Hamstrom was losing her touch, after all she wasn't young anymore, maybe she was becoming senile.
    • Is it just me, or are some bands losing their touch?
    • Rumours are starting to spread that he's losing his touch.
    • If you've read this far and are asking that question, then I must be losing my touch, whatever little of it I had in the first place.
    • Ugh I think I'm losing my touch or something… that chapter was pretty awful eh?
    • We have read through your report, and it's fairly obvious to us that you're losing your touch.
    • I must be losing my touch, I considered as the room's unnerving silence got the best of me.
    • Either he was the only security I could see, or I was really losing my touch.
    • He was a Pro Bowler in 2000 before really losing his touch, and that's when the fans and the media in Denver started coming down on him.
    • Maybe you're not losing your touch; maybe you're simply losing interest.
    • He really is losing his touch… it only took three hours to convince him to let me paint.
    • That meant one of two things: either she was losing her touch, or they'd upgraded their little bat-mobile.
    • I am usually very good about their tricks and jokes, but it seems I am losing my touch the more I stay away from people.
    • Her Irish temper was rising, and Logan was glad he hadn't lost the touch.
  • 5

    to get/keep / stay in touch with sb ponerse/mantenerse en contacto con algn
    • keep in touch manténte en contacto
    • I'll be in touch ya te escribiré (or llamaré etc.)
    • how can I get in touch with you? ¿cómo me puedo poner en contacto con usted?
    • I lost touch with her two years ago hace dos años que no sé nada de ella / que perdí el contacto con ella
    • the British runners are losing touch with the leaders los corredores británicos se están quedando rezagados
    • he's not in touch with his spiritual needs no es consciente de sus necesidades espirituales
    • I'm a bit out of touch with what's happening no estoy muy al corriente / al tanto de lo que está pasando
    • they're completely out of touch no tienen ni idea
    • the Government is out of touch with the electorate el gobierno está desconectado del electorado
  • 6

    (in rugby)
    to kick for touch intentar mandar la pelota fuera del campo de juego
    • to find touch mandar la pelota fuera del campo de juego
    • the ball went into touch la pelota salió por la banda
    • he put a foot in touch puso un pie fuera del campo de juego

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(with finger, hand)

      he touched her hand le tocó la mano
      • please do not touch the exhibits se ruega no tocar
      • He didn't grip her tightly but barely let his fingers touch her body.
      • A mother who picks up an affected new-born baby suddenly discovers she has left a trail of blisters across its body - just by touching it gently.
      • Stealthily I moved in, until I was so close I could have actually touched the little body that lay motionless in the grass in front of me.
      • None of the police officers at the scene said they had touched the body.
      • Nowadays, you know, my children are very aware, it's like you know, this is my body and you can't touch it.
      • I felt slender fingers touch my chin and brought it upwards to meet his beautiful eyes.
      • He took in a deep breath, touching my body gently, tenderly… hesitantly.
      • Her face was cold and lifeless… it was just like touching a dead body.
      • She said the move, however, attracted call boys who began shouting and touching her body instead of helping her.
      • I imagined just touching his weakened body, and it breaking into shards like a china doll.
      • He was a bit too close for comfort, but it felt good to feel his body occasionally touching mine.
      • It is by virtue of this principle that the doctor who treats him, the nurse who cares for him, even the relative or friend or neighbour who comes in to look after him will commit no wrong when he or she touches his body.
      • He feels the officers watching as he touches the body with his latex-gloved hand.
      • She reached out to him, her whole body quivering, and touched his hand.
      • When he finally died, they touched his body as they bound him in a sheet, feeling the paper thin skin, almost touching bone.
      • I can't stand to even touch my own body, to wash, even get dressed.
      • They reached, and for one agonising moment they touched fingers…
      • She hands him back his credit card, and their fingers touch for a moment.
      • Their hands touched slightly and Ann pulled back as though she had been burned.
      • How many times had he wished that the moments their fingers touched, their shoulders brushed, their eyes met, that they could tell each other what the both already knew?
      • I felt a shiver run up my spine as our shoulders touched, and I moved away from him slightly.
      • The moment their lips touched, Kynan's inner battle was lost.
      • It felt like an eternity before Lena would release her hold, but the moment their lips touched and their eyes closed, time lost all meaning.
      • Before their lips touched, however, he hesitated slightly and looked at Molly to make sure she was okay with this.
      • Their hands touched slightly when they went to grab their drinks.
      • But the moment their lips touched, he knew something inside of him had changed.
      • He held her hand until only their fingertips touched, then the distance became too great and the contact was lost.
      • Our fingers touched, and electricity crackled in the night.
      • Walking into the youth room, where the senior high Sunday school class met, my mind instantly recalled the moment our lips touched.
      • Their lips touched softly and fused into a long, slow embrace.
      • Right before our lips touched, he jumped back and pulled his hand away as if he suddenly realized what was about to happen.
      • Finally, their lips touched and for a moment, Tyler found himself in a haze.
      • The moment our lips touched, it was like a dam breaking and he grabbed me, kissing me hard, pushing me back against the bookcase.
      • For a brief second their lips touched in a light kiss, the caress of each other sending shivers down their spins.
      • Their fingers touched momentarily, but it sent a familiar tingling through him.
      • The air around them seemed to be charged with electricity as their lips touched.

    • 1.2(brush, graze)

      she felt the grass touching her face sintió como la hierba le rozaba la cara

    • 1.3(be in physical contact with)

      the bed was touching the wall la cama estaba pegada a / tocaba la pared
      • Its majestic branches drooped dramatically, some nearly touching the ground, but all providing a cozy little curtain whenever the crew decided to hang around at its grassy base.
      • She was curled up in a cozy little ball with her arms around her knees, nightshirt trailing beneath her like a ghostly shroud, not quite touching the floor.
      • He was incredibly professional looking, his black and gray robes nearly touching the floor.
      • His arms remained stretched out above him, his knees were almost, but not quite, touching the floor.
      • Descend until your left knee bends 90 degrees and your right knee nearly touches the floor.
      • Of course, in my dreams I neither escape nor do I falter and stumble - I run hard, but my feet don't quite touch the ground, so I don't actually move.
      • The long sleeves widened and ended in points that did not quite touch the ground.
      • Clearings exhibited large quantities of grapes that crept along from shrub to shrub, their huge bunches of fruit nearly touching the ground.
      • His feet weren't quite touching the top of the roof.
      • And he's the only man I've ever seen who could sit in a chair and touch both elbows on the floor.
      • Knees bent fully, her skirt flares like a golden fan nearly touching the floor.
      • Lie on the floor, face down, toes touching the ground and elbows positioned below your shoulders.
      • Her raven hair was brushed down nearly touching her shoulders.
      • Samantha had remained erect, very still, and dry-eyed, her back not touching the witness chair.
      • His head hung low, with his chin nearly touching his chest.
      • She sat straight in her chair, the small of her back never touching the chair.
      • She was still hanging over the edge of the bunk, the ends of her hair nearly touching my covers.
      • Then their lips touched for just a moment and then they drew back slightly.

    • 1.4coloquial (approach)

      to touch sb for sth
      • he touched me for $50
      • to touch sb for a loan
      • Sasha, a charity worker, is more interested in cosying up to big fish than touching them for their money.
      • So in a fit of sentimentality and with the keen realization that the guy still has a couple hundred grand that you haven't touched him for yet, you name your first born after it.
      • You can touch Evan for the occasional meal or drinks but a million bucks is crossing the line.
      • Our old school, like many fee-paying establishments, has devised a way of reconnecting with its old pupils as they approach the stage in life when there would be some point in touching them for a donation to one of its projects.
      • Seeing as how you're being so generous and all, maybe I could touch you for a few bob - er, I mean bucks.
      • The least expensive model will touch you for a couple of hundred bucks.
      • The yen, meanwhile, held in check by Japan's central bank, can only manage a 41-month high, touching levels last seen in late 2000.
      • From any standard this level is said to be touching the poverty line, but statistics show that despite the government's claims poverty is on the rise.
      • The housing loan, the key component of the advance portfolio, touched the level of Rs 110 crore.
      • I know that no one touches a Level Ten in real life, but for me, that line is the only reason I still continue to run or fly.
      • With elections round the corner, the irritation is bound to touch nightmarish levels.
      • While doubling the female literacy rates, during this decade, the male literacy rates touched the 75.49 per cent mark.
      • The GDP growth rate touched new heights every quarter.
      • With temperatures touching the 40s, it was not an easy task and, by the end of the week, we all smelled of sun cream and sweat.
      • He was confident that the growth rate would touch a high of nine per cent during the last two quarters of the current year itself.
      • As the temperatures touched the 80s, there was a typical end of pre-season feel about the opening exchanges.
      • The foreign currency assets also saw a similar increase of $169 million to touch $1,03,384 million.
      • The city houses a population of seven million, which is slated to touch 8.8 million in 2015.
      • At the same time, India's imports from China touched 1.74 billion US dollars, up 72 per cent.
      • At one point in the day, the rupiah touched 10,135 per dollar before closing at a three-month low of 10,025.
      • Auto component exports from India to our global operations have touched euro 72 million during the year 2003.
      • The rush on commodities stretched into the gold market, where prices touched 18-year highs.
      • The currency briefly touched 8.2700 on that day, a gain of 0.08 percent.
      • Software exports have touched Rs.5,841 crores this year, compared to last year's Rs.4,200 crores.
      • The total storage volume for RHW facilities in Sumida City touched 9,500 cubic metres by that date.
      • But within a year, Yelena touched 4.10 metres at the World Youth Games.

  • 2

    • 2.1(reach)

      she leaped out as soon as the boat touched the shore saltó del bote en cuanto este llegó a la orilla
      • I can't touch my toes no llego / no alcanzo a tocarme los pies
      • my feet don't touch the bottom no hago pie
      • the speedometer was touching 140mph el velocímetro marcaba 140mph
      • sales touched rock bottom in June las ventas tocaron fondo en junio

    • 2.2(equal)

      nobody can touch her in this type of role es inigualable / no tiene rival en este tipo de papel
      • there's nothing to touch milk as a cure for heartburn no hay nada como la leche para la acidez estomacal
      • There's no one who can touch Noble for flights of nonsensical fancy.
      • Chris [Cormier] can't touch Flex for symmetry and structure, and that's why I expect a lighter and better Wheeler to finish a strong second behind Ronnie.
      • But when it comes to building lovable robots, no-on can touch Sony for cuteness (and no, they're not on sale yet).
      • None of them, however, was able to touch Daru-brahman for as soon as they started, their chisels broke and fell to pieces.
      • Define your agenda in terms of freedom, security, identity and democracy - ‘and no one can touch you for it’.
      • Over the past five years, few teams can touch them for number of tries scored and appetite for attacking play.
      • At 45, Kennedy has spent one year short of half his life in parliament, and no other party leader can touch him for popularity; from integrity to personal appeal, he leads in the polls.
      • No one can touch them for the sheer beauty and perfection their sport can provide, certainly not serial champions such as Steve Davis and Stephen Hendry.
      • As to Ronnie, that dude is by far the best bodybuilder on Earth; he is in a class by himself, and no one will be able to touch him for years to come.
      • The two men in occupancy for England are Sol Campbell and Rio Ferdinand - and when Brown is in this form neither can touch him for poise, pace and reading of the game.

  • 3

    • 3.1(interfere with)

      don't touch anything no toques nada
      • she can't touch the inheritance till she's twenty-one no puede tocar la herencia hasta los veintiún años
      • I hadn't touched the gear handle or flaps after the shot, and, therefore, reasoned the gear and flaps still were down.
      • Nevertheless, these are dangerous animals and should not be touched or interfered with in any way by divers.
      • McLaren were also fined even though the contents of the box were not touched and were legal.
      • Education chiefs in York have pledged not to touch the amount of money going to schools, despite planned budget cuts of £884,000.
      • We have found them in beds, hidden in children's rooms, in cellars with locked doors that do not look as though they have been touched for 30 years.
      • King Charles Court had not been touched for 30 years.
      • Blogger's new image feature has screwed up my template which I haven't touched in years.

    • 3.2(attend to, deal with)

      I haven't touched my Japanese for weeks no he tocado un libro de japonés desde hace varias semanas
      • the local garage won't touch foreign cars en el taller del barrio no quieren saber nada de coches extranjeros
      • articles touching every current issue artículos concernientes a todo tipo de temas de actualidad

    • 3.3(eat, drink)

      he didn't touch his lunch no tocó la comida
      • she never touches alcohol no prueba el alcohol
      • The Deep has managed to build up credit worth £2.9m, but because it is a registered charity, does not pay tax, and therefore cannot touch the money.
      • Are we still not touching money today because it's dirty?
      • Since you cannot touch the money until you retire, you no longer have a rainy-day fund, or a down payment for a house.
      • So Quiney can't touch the money at all unless he puts something in.
      • From the very beginning, I knew that you were never even gonna touch this money.
      • Pensions are a great way to save for the future because you can't touch the money until you retire.
      • I won't be touching this money for perhaps 25 years, so it's all going into the stock market.
      • That means a 35-year-old woman who quits her job to raise kids can't touch the money for 25 years.
      • ‘We don't want to touch the money, because we aren't the middlemen,’ Leonard said.
      • I wouldn't know, I didn't touch any food or drink from breakfast onwards.
      • True, it is hard for a monk not to touch money and to live without the comforts of this world.
      • If your employer goes bust, it can not touch your pension fund, but you may not get as much as you had originally thought.
      • When he leaves each day, you clear the dishes but can't touch the tip.
      • Your investment mix would be limited, and you wouldn't be able to touch your money or borrow against it until you retire.
      • She spent most of her time under the settee, pressed up as tight into the corner as she could, and hardly touched her food.
      • You may not touch the funds saved in a retirement annuity before you are 55 years old.
      • You can't touch your pension pot until you're at least fifty, which gives it time to grow.
      • We hardly touched our wine and it was all I could to keep my eyes open.
      • But you can only take a quarter of the accumulated fund as a tax-free lump sum and you can't touch any of the money until you retire - or you're 50 at least.
      • After one sip he put down the glass; he has not touched a drink for 18 months.

  • 4

    • 4.1(affect, concern)

      the nuclear threat touches all of us la amenaza nuclear nos afecta a todos
      • This was a concert for those touched by dispossession and resistance.
      • Thanks for a great analysis touching many of the important bases.
      • But the teaching also touched sentient beings as moral agents, as agents capable of affecting the welfare not only of themselves but of others as well.
      • The senior undergraduate course in American constitutional law touches a host of moral issues buffeting our country today.
      • The third issue concerns the question of repayment of legal aid, which touches the question of whether legal aid in a particular case will be a grant or be something more in the nature of a loan.
      • Anyone whose life has been touched by cancer will be aware of the vitally important work of Macmillan nurses.
      • The international jurisprudence to which we have referred does not touch this problem that we are concerned with, does it?
      • It's like titillation value was more important than ability to touch or affect other people's lives.
      • Healthcare is a matter of concern in most countries and one that touches everybody in some way.
      • What has been labelled moral evil or human evil or sin touches every sphere of human activity.
      • Your listeners should have the feeling at the end of your concert that something inside them has been touched and changed.
      • Williams' plan is to raise awareness about ecological issues by touching the lives of students along his route, through school talks and media events.
      • Nobody can fail to be touched by the plight of the two murdered girls in Soham and the ordeal of their families, friends and all those touched by this tragedy.
      • However, stress seems to be at an almost epidemic level, touching all levels of society.
      • Drug abuse and crime now touch all levels of society.
      • Powered by the breath, this massage is a dynamic dance of the spirit that touches many different levels of consciousness.
      • It will come to touch all our lives in a profound manner, and will figure prominently in all we think and do at all levels of civic life for a very long time.
      • Before long, GPS will be touching our lives in so many positive ways that we'll wonder how we ever lived without it.
      • Howe doesn't see the extended Internet really touching consumers in a major way until 2007, due to the expense.

    • 4.2(move emotionally)

      he was touched by her kindness su amabilidad lo enterneció / le llegó al alma
      • I'm very touched ¡cuánto se lo agradezco!
      • I was deeply touched me emocioné

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (with finger, hand)
    don't touch! ¡no toques!
  • 2

    (come into physical contact)
    (hands) rozarse
    (wires) tocarse