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ciudad, n.

Pronunciación /taʊn/

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    (in general) ciudad femenino
    (smaller) pueblo masculino
    (smaller) población femenino
    (dweller/life) (before noun) de la ciudad
    (dweller/life) (before noun) urbano
    to go into town ir a la ciudad
    • in town en la ciudad
    • it's the best hotel in town es el mejor hotel de la ciudad
    • he's the biggest liar in town es de lo más mentiroso
    • I've lived all my life in towns siempre he vivido en ciudad(es)
    • they live out of town viven en las afueras
    • she's out of town at the moment está de viaje en este momento
    • an out-of-town person una persona de fuera
    • the next day the news was all over town al día siguiente lo sabía la ciudad entera
    • to go out on the town, to have a night on the town ir / salir de juerga
    • In Namibia reckless individuals occupy erven in residential areas in cities, towns and villages to conduct their unwanted business.
    • They were organized around an exporting economy, and as a result, the major cities dwarfed other towns within the tributary area.
    • In areas where peasants normally congregated, villages became towns and towns became cities.
    • These extensions followed on from the government desire to generate development in run down areas of cities and major towns.
    • Governments of cities, towns and villages also should define in advance their criteria for issuing evacuation calls and issue them promptly when necessary.
    • We may be entering into a period when the local areas, the villages, towns and cities in which we live become more important to us.
    • The continued deplorable condition of districts, villages, towns and cities throughout the country leaves lots to be desired.
    • Barn owls thrive in and around human settlements in villages, towns and cities.
    • I photograph the perpetually gendered in little rural towns outside the city, towns with names like Ash and Beech and Coriander.
    • Over the years the concept has spread nationwide and operates in major cities and towns in 25 counties throughout Ireland.
    • From countries and capitals to cities, towns and villages, as we move further down on a geographical scale, there is a village in Sweden and another one in Scotland.
    • The flight of many Congolese to cities and mining towns outside linguistic boundaries has caused new varieties of language to arise.
    • For Bastille day I've taken the names of 20 French towns and cities and written an anagram of each.
    • Many cities and towns were nostalgically named after the places the Scottish immigrants had left behind.
    • Indeed the transformation of this particular site and its surroundings is serving as a model for other developments in more socially excluded areas of other large towns and cities.
    • The continued ‘area bombing’ of towns and cities, instead of strategic targets such as oil supplies and transport, was undoubtedly a serious mistake.
    • It has been tested in cities, towns and rural areas as well.
    • He points out that the solid fuel industry cooperated fully with the Department when smokefree zones were introduced in many major cities and towns throughout the country.
    • Firstly, that there are significant numbers of young men concentrated in inner areas of towns and cities about to hit the peak period of offending.
    • There are now plans to hold similar expos in several major towns and cities, in order to bring more revenue to artisans around the country, throughout the year.
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    ciudad femenino
    the whole town knows about it lo sabe toda la ciudad / todo el mundo
    • town and gown los habitantes de la ciudad y el ambiente universitario
    • the antagonism between town and gown el antagonismo entre los habitantes de la ciudad y el ambiente universitario
    • Central Vision has taken this further with its detailed submission as to how a campus at York Central would be good for town and gown.
    • No longer are rivalries between town and gown manifested in destruction, riot and murder.