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juguete, n.

Pronunciación /tɔɪ/

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    juguete masculino
    people and cars looked like toys la gente y los coches parecían de juguete
    • There will be a range of automotive toys and model cars, boats and planes for children as well as a jumping castle, clowns, face painting and a care centre
    • Everything bar the kitchen sink has to go… from cuddly toys to the cars standing on their driveway.
    • Her favourite dolls, cuddly toys and teddy bears are lined along her shelves and bed.
    • Miniature toy cars can drive with wet, painted tires over unusual papers.
    • The black plastic bin liner contained teddy bears and other cuddly toys, Rosie and Jim dolls and a number of framed children's pictures.
    • Does anybody else involve cuddly toys and dolls in their conversations?
    • Dozens of floral tributes, dolls and cuddly toys were placed on metal railings near the scene of the tragedy.
    • I'm pretty sure when I was small, we had a toy - doll, car, train, whatever - and pretended it was what we wanted it to be.
    • As summer arrived, so did the big wooden crates bringing wonderful dolls, mechanical toys, pedal cars, tricycles, scooters, dolls' prams.
    • And besides - have you ever tried making a 40 foot high replica of a stuffed toy out of pots of flowers?
    • The toy is modelled on the pint-sized singer, even down to her famous bottom.
    • The shop stocks a selection of second-hand books, bric-a-brac, models, toys, games and a selection of official Yorkshire Air Ambulance souvenirs.
    • Some of the clothes on the hooks in the hallway were not mine; a child's toys, a few toy cars, stood in the corner.
    • Provide bright colored toys and toys like cars and trucks that move.
    • If the toddler ignored the miniature toys for more than three or four minutes, however, we would draw attention to them.
    • Using toys as scale models of their world, children taste, examine and set up their visions of larger worlds.
    • Go about in the shops and buy any little toys and models that have special bearing on civilian life in its more peaceful aspects.
    • Replica toys can make it difficult for a child to be creative and imaginative.
    • The result is a digital rendering of each concept, and a full-size sculpted model of the toy in foam.
    • The appeal gives gifts to newborns right up to 16-year-olds from cuddly toys and books to action toys and games, toiletries and CDs.


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    (car/gun) de juguete
    toy soldier soldadito (de juguete)
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    (dog/poodle) enano
    • Unlike the show held in April, there were not many fancy and toy breeds.
    • He was judged against a flat-coated retriever, a giant schnauzer, an Old English sheepdog, a wire fox terrier, a saluki hound and Pekingese toy dog.
    • Like so many fashions in New York, Rosenthal says the surge in demand for toy dog breeds is largely celebrity-driven.
    • In England the cavalier, once thought to be on the verge of extinction, is the most popular toy breed.
    • Another example are some toy dogs which were bred to be a warning signals of invasion.
    • Just this past month Fifi, her fluffy white toy poodle passed away and the void is painful.
    • She also won first place in both the clipped terrier and toy and miniature poodle rounds, with help from miniature schnauzer Oscar and toy poodle Clive.
    • Some toy breeds can adapt happily to apartment life because their exercise requirements are modest.
    • The only dogs exempt from this rule are the toy breeds and puppies under 16 weeks of age.
    • So, after eating in the kitchen, I let my small toy poodle dog into the house, from the garage.
    • If you have a white toy poodle, you would want to place her on, or in front of, a black, blue or brown backdrop.
    • My ex-girlfriend had an apricot toy poodle and it was the best damned dog I've ever met.
    • He stood at a podium, and beside him was a woman with a little toy poodle as carefully groomed as she was.
    • One can only hope they are of the toy variety, otherwise her family's apartment must get pretty crowded.
    • Tell the interviewer that your white toy poodle is lost in that huge snowbank and you need help.
    • They had dogs of their own - a mastiff the size of a Humvee, and a tiny comma of a toy poodle.
    • Now after all that fuss, I don't think she should have picked up her two toy poodles to sit on her lap.
    • Toni Gale's toy pom, Trixie, is a real pensioner at the age of 10, and the family has noticed that she's getting on in years.
    • Inform your honey that you've had it with the hysteria and the shrieking, so her toy poodle has to go.
    • The latest sad news is that their tiny toy poodle has disappeared.