Translation of toy boy in Spanish:

toy boy


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    amante joven de una mujer mayor
    • But now here was something they couldn't share - a toy boy who threatened to drive a rift between their sisterly love… forever!
    • Instead of a toy boy, she invests in a run down theatre off Shaftsbury Avenue in London's West End and renames it The Windmill, after the street in which it resides.
    • We were accompanied by a younger man who could have been a toy boy but seemed more like a paid amanuensis whose role was to heave the portly baronet into a taxi when his behaviour put him in danger of arrest.
    • Even when I'm retired and on the beach in Jamaica with a toy boy, I'll still be going online to find out what's happening.
    • Some misty-eyed lady of leisure might even make you her toy boy.
    • If you are a woman you are old enough to have a toy boy - complicated but delicious.
    • And since I am assured through a reliable source that whopping age gaps are irrelevant when it comes to relationships, I can get myself the toy boy I had always wanted.
    • However as we move on into our 20s the toy boy, while undeniably still holding appeal on certain occasions, just doesn't do it for us in the same way.
    • The toy boy - 15 years her junior - arrived in South Africa from Europe on Friday.
    • I can pitch it somewhere between attentive-son-she-never-had and toy boy.
    • Other rejects consist of men already in relationships looking for no strings fun or toy boys looking to put an older woman notch on their bedpost.
    • Tracey's next door neighbour is the gossipy, sex-obsessed Dorien, a snobbish Jewess ostensibly happily married to accountant Marcus but actually indulging in a flurry of flings with muscular toy boys.