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tracoma, n.

Pronunciación /trəˈkoʊmə/ /trəˈkəʊmə/

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    tracoma masculino
    • The biggest health problems are tuberculosis, venereal diseases, malaria, trachoma, typhoid fever, and dysentery.
    • Other diseases include hepatitis, trachoma, and tuberculosis.
    • I saw the Chlamydial eye disease trachoma in the poor of Glasgow and lymphogranuloma in soldiers from a military hospital STD clinic in 1940 before the cause was known.
    • In Gambia the prevalence of the chlamydial disease trachoma in villages with frequent spraying to reduce flies is significantly lower than in villages without spraying.
    • In addition, diarrhoea and diseases such as scabies, conjunctivitis, and trachoma are associated with poor hygiene and result from a breakdown in sanitation if water resources become depleted.