Translation of track record in Spanish:

track record

historial, n.

See Spanish definition of historial


  • 1

    historial masculine
    antecedentes masculine
    with his track record no one will employ him con su historial nadie lo va a emplear
    • a novelist with a long track record un novelista de larga trayectoria
    • I rode against him at Eastbourne last week and he broke the track record.
    • His track record was smashed twice last night in the fastest speedway meeting ever held in Manchester.
    • It was heart-breaking because he conceded 23 lb to the winner and they smashed the track record.
    • Then comes the disturbing news that there was a new track record of 43-thousandths of a second.
    • This all worked well seeing that I managed to set the new track record.
    • Each member of the consortium has a proven track record in the field of supported employment.
    • He recommends sticking to firms that have a track record because they have proved that they know how to run the funds.
    • There is a proven track record of prejudice, narrow thinking and incompetent advice.
    • In fact, Irish mortgage customers have an excellent track record of repayments.
    • Now that man has a proven track record with us, so don't even think of asking us to choose between you.
    • It shows that a fund's past track record tells us nothing about its future performance.
    • He was referring to his track record of chairmanship in numerous organizations.
    • Given the organisation's track record, I wouldn't be surprised by either explanation.
    • His track record, he says, is proven, but he is helpless if others choose to ignore it.
    • By now all good leaders have a track record and what they have achieved is there for anyone to point at.
    • Given the organisers' track record it may not be so long before their wish is granted.
    • Nothing in his past particularly gives him a track record in these technologies.
    • We should try to be the best in whatever we do, so that people want to employ us for our excellent skills and track record.
    • Her track record in politics however suggests that there is an authoritarian streak in her.
    • He speaks with the authority of a man with a track record, but how much experience can he have at his age?
    • Despite the author's track record, the new book has received a number of highly critical reviews.
    • Third, public enquiries do not have a particularly good track record of producing useful conclusions.
    • They also warn that the Government's track record on hi-tech projects suggests it could prove a shambles.
    • If you hire someone who has a good reputation and track record, then put your faith in him or her.
    • It should also have a strong historical track record in terms of growth and profitability.