Translation of trade union in Spanish:

trade union

sindicato, n.

Definition of sindicato in Spanish


(British trades union)
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    sindicato masculine
    gremio masculine Southern Cone, Peru
    (leader) (before noun) sindical
    (leader) (before noun) sindicalista
    (leader) (before noun) gremial
    to form a trade union sindicarse
    • the trade union movement el movimiento sindical
    • Workers do use it every time they organise a trade union and fight for better wages and conditions.
    • It is not an easy decision to become a trade unionist without a trade union.
    • There are no political parties, no elections, no independent legislature, no trades unions, no bar association, no independent judiciary, and no independent human rights organisations.
    • Medical organisations, charities and trades unions have welcomed the move, but the country's licensed trade has threatened a legal battle saying a ban could cause 30,000 job losses.
    • In recent times the old collective institutions, from the churches and community organisations to trades unions and political parties, have lost their roots and their purchase.
    • These are the conditions under which workers begin to form trades unions and the workers direct their struggle against the employers.
    • Democratic governments, democratic parties, trades unions and student organisations were all targets at various times.
    • Therefore the trade union and labour movement now needs to get organised to fight back.
    • The pressures exerted by political parties, trades unions, and professional groups contributed a great deal to this important development.
    • And the trades unions reminded Labour, painfully, that power is not without responsibility to those who helped put you there.
    • I pay particular tribute to the trades unions and union learning representatives who are genuinely liberating the lives of so many of their members.
    • But this was not a stand-off between trades unions and Labour over pay.
    • But there was a much cooler reaction from other campaigners in the trades unions and Labour movements.
    • That organisation, like the trade union movement, can do a lot at national level.
    • In the rolling reform demands, just weeks ago state officials and public sector workers set up another group, workers for change, which wants to establish independent trades unions.
    • Three things kept Labour united: shared social democratic values; organisational inertia, and the trades unions.
    • How long are workers going to follow a trade union that has no real perspective to offer?
    • Some people are unkind enough to say it is a trade union and does not act in the public interest.
    • It is estimated that less than one in four immigrant workers are represented by a trade union.