Translation of tradition in Spanish:


tradición, n.

Pronunciation /trəˈdɪʃ(ə)n/

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    tradición feminine
    a region rich in tradition una región rica en tradiciones
    • in the best Irish tradition a la mejor usanza irlandesa
    • by tradition por tradición
    • to break with tradition romper con la tradición
    • tradition has it that … según la tradición …
    • Basotho are a nation that has solid traditions, beliefs and customs.
    • Such a state of confusing dilemma caused heavy blow to the age-old traditions and beliefs of these cultures.
    • Passing on Hindu traditions to the younger generation has always been a duty of parents.
    • This hindered the ability to pass on whaling traditions to future generations.
    • The age old customs and traditions of the Tamils are held in high esteem by Keralites and they are preserved in modern Kerala.
    • Did you see a lot of those cultural beliefs or traditions going on while you were there, or was it more medical?
    • Women are subject to this discourse both in the name of religion as well as in the name of age-old customs and traditions.
    • Lanna folkdances are unique and colorful traditions that are passed on through generations.
    • Such traditions generate belief, allowing future rituals to produce placebo effects.
    • Many immigrants preserve their cultural traditions for multiple generations, with art playing a key role.
    • This has also resulted in many folk beliefs and cultural traditions being turned upside down.
    • Now even its own people are abandoning their traditions and beliefs.
    • You may feel oppressed by traditions and traditional people in the family if you allow them to interfere in your life.
    • Customs and traditions are handed down from generation to generation but that does not make them right.
    • He also had a great attachment to the folklore and cultural traditions of the general Irishtown area.
    • Apparently we must now dilute our own customs and traditions and deny our religion.
    • Hardy wrote of country habits and traditions which had passed away but, though historical in form, the novels had a contemporary overtone.
    • The excellence of the collection can be demonstrated by the way she deals with supernatural belief traditions.
    • Their labels and names represent both villages and families, with generations of winemaking traditions.
    • She was devoted to her family and had a great fondness for the traditions and customs which were part of her upbringing.
    • They are required to by tradition and tribal law passed down by generations of swing elders.
    • The break with tradition has generated a heated debate on Internet fans' forums over the weekend, with supporters divided on the proposed name change.
    • By definition, a legend is an unverified story handed down by tradition.
    • As parents, the Imperial couple generally abided by tradition, albeit with a few big changes triggered by the war.
    • This marked a notable break with tradition as the convention was always held in Dunmore before this.
    • The fact that you have not been seemingly bound by tradition in either format or construction of this journal is certainly refreshing.
    • At the level of scholarship their writings certainly show that Chinese thought was then by no means as bound by tradition as is generally thought.
    • In a break with tradition, several professors at the academy have established a memorial prize to honor the young man who was anything but traditional.
    • Do they have the guts to break with tradition, to govern for all, especially for the economically dispossessed and socially displaced?
    • Either by tradition or practice, these widows have been denied their fundamental rights of equitable justice.
    • The Royal Family and the Army are inextricably bound up by tradition and personal links.
    • By tradition the Conservative leader emerged after consultation among senior party figures.
    • The bride, who was by tradition slightly late for the ceremony, faltered as she spoke in front of family, friends and celebrities.
    • The denizens, be they peers or peasants, are weighed down by tradition and inertia, living out their lives according to exactly the same patterns as their ancestors.
    • Significantly, her decision not to vote with the consensus view marked a break with tradition among those attending their first meeting and may signal an appetite for a fight.
    • In many ways, the two incumbents are past their sell-by dates, preserved as majors not by reality, but by tradition and maudlin sentimentality.
    • Riches are now measured in human attitudes and aptitudes - things heavily influenced by tradition.
    • Let's not be hidebound by tradition and calendars.
    • A Caliph is the civil and religious leader of a Muslim state; a successor of Muhammad and by tradition always male.
    • In any case people can no longer afford to celebrate the many festivals handed down to them by tradition and for many it is just a day to rest tired and aching limbs.