Translation of training in Spanish:


capacitación, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtreɪnɪŋ/

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  • 1

    capacitación feminine
    (aircraft) (before noun) de instrucción
    training will be given to all staff todo el personal recibirá capacitación
    • they've had no training in the use of the machinery no han recibido capacitación en el uso de la maquinaria
    • training flight vuelo de entrenamiento / instrucción
    • the factory serves as a training ground for new management la fábrica es la escuela donde se forman los nuevos directivos
    • training manual manual de instrucción
    • training scheme plan de capacitación
    • training school escuela de capacitación
    • Many traditional teachers in this study had no training in bilingual or ESL pedagogy.
    • I was working as a locum house officer during my vocational training in a local teaching hospital.
    • Figures released last week showed a drop in the number of 16 year olds in education and training in England.
    • The clinical educator provides education and training in a classroom setting.
    • Most early childhood teachers have little or no training in early childhood special education.
    • Increased resources need to be devoted to education and training in health informatics.
    • We receive absolutely no training in the skills necessary for research.
    • But after he started his training in a special school, she says he has improved a lot.
    • You can have all the musical skill and training in the world, but it doesn't mean a lick if you don't love and feel what you are doing.
    • Hence, voice training is an important part of the syllabus for academic training in theatre.
    • New staff receive limited training in listing procedure from the business manager and the other more experienced staff.
    • It is time to include social and cultural training in the knowledge of the professional athlete as well.
    • Basic training in linguistics can go a long way to foster this realization.
    • A couple of respondents felt the faculty needed additional training in order to do a good job.
    • The most important part of education is proper training in the nursery.
    • All education and training in this field is identified with one of these four sub-fields.
    • All airlines are required to give their staff some training in first aid.
    • He blamed the lack of vocational training in schools for the shortage of staff.
    • I have years of education and training in telecom repair but I went for two job interviews today.
    • We would do better to spend more on promoting education and training in those countries without taking the cream of the crop.
  • 2

    entrenamiento masculine
    to be in training for sth estar entrenando / entrenándose para algo
    • to go into training for sth empezar a entrenar(se) para algo
    • A couple of divers are preparing to do some training exercises in the shallow water of the bay and the others will be diving the wreck of the Lucy later.
    • There are many safe ways to carry out physical or mental training, such as exercising in gyms or on campus.
    • Maintain your diet and reduce your training to ensure your muscles are prepared.
    • He said his training had prepared him well to be in combat, but he had no desire to return to battle after being wounded.
    • The team now go into intensive training to prepare for Tipperary in the first round of the Munster championship.
    • Jessica has not been undergoing any training for Sunday's event.
    • I did very little training for field events, but could still throw a javelin or a shot further than most of the other girls who did it as their main event.
    • It might be worth taking into account that my training for this event has involved two months of heavy drinking and two weeks of being quite poorly.
    • Sligo's first woman to compete in a round world yacht race has finished the initial round of training for the event.
    • But the ancients would hold their own if they could be given the benefits of present-day training and diet.
    • Weeks and weeks of dedicated training, preparing yourself to be in peak condition for the big night, had been for nothing.
    • Part of our training is exercising - stretching, and a lot of running to increase our fitness.
    • The two sisters are busy training and preparing for the qualifying competitions.
    • They then go into a period of training and preparation before they go overseas.
    • Just like an athlete, he will need a good diet and training to perform well - but he should pace himself.
    • In Ireland we have many examples of athletes who have prospered on a diet of tough training.
    • It's opened my eyes about planning ahead in terms of training, diet and rest, so that you peak for games.
    • He was also a champion of training, a racing diet and the use of vitamins.
    • Now, suppose you have the straightforward task of training for a single event.
    • There comes a time when you have to switch off and concentrate solely on your training and preparation.