Translation of transgender in Spanish:


transgénero, adj.

Pronunciation /trænsˈdʒɛndər/ /trænzˈdʒɛndər/ /tranzˈdʒɛndə/ /transˈdʒɛndə/


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    (activist/movement) transgénero
    transgender community comunidad transgénero
    • Youth are coming out as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered at increasingly younger ages.
    • Any unease expressed by the parents or the other students is clearly secondary next to the transgendered student's basic human rights and liberties.
    • That debate itself has become a primary source of suffering for millions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people.
    • ‘Writing the play, it began to dawn on me that she was a transgendered person,’ she says.
    • Members get access to a variety of message boards and one of the largest databases of gay, lesbian, and transgendered singles on the Net.
    • One can ask several questions about transgender sexuality and gender identity.
    • First, in the view of transgender advocates gender is simply a matter of individual identity.
    • I started to identify as transgender about 3 months before entering college.
    • Issues of gender and transgender, butch and femme, masculine and feminine are on my mind lately.
    • She was, as a woman, presumptively a target of gender violence, with or without any transgender identity she may have had.
    • And while she has been active in transgender activists' protests following her daughter's death, she is struggling to put her life back together.
    • Most of my fellow co-workers and volunteers were gay, lesbian and transgender people whose lives and relationships had been totally decimated by the disease.
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    (surgery) de reasignación de sexo