Translation of transient in Spanish:


pasajero, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtrænʃənt/ /ˈtrænziənt/ /ˈtranzɪənt/

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    (joy/pain) pasajero
    (joy/pain) fugaz
    (joy/pain) efímero
    (population) flotante
    (population) transeúnte
    transient guest huésped de paso
    • Thanks to their dazzling diversity of color, furtive nature, and transient presence, warblers and their fellow neotropical migrants monopolize spring birding.
    • Since 1999, the territorial government has been coping with hundreds of staff vacancies and a highly transient work force - and few employees who want to stay in their jobs for long.
    • While the furthest camping section is the refuge of transient workers looking for an affordable place to stay, tourists are most likely to make use of the cabins and dorms.
    • Among other consequences, this has meant that the tourism industry has not been able to adequately access transient workers because there is nowhere for them to stay.
    • It is believed that permitting foreign expatriates to own their own properties encourages increased longevity of stay and contributes to a more less transient economic environment.
    • Previous research has shown that substance abusers are highly transient and difficult to locate.
    • "The problem with our business is people are so transient, " says Debbie.
    • In the hard times of the 1930s, unemployed men and transient hobos often took temporary refuge on the island, erecting small shanty towns of tents.
    • The last thing a transient or a short-term resident needs is new experiences!
    • In the short term, however, the average transient wants nothing more than food in their stomach and a little bit of dignity.
    • I'd live the transient and ephemeral existence of a backpacker for a week, an existence of freedom and simple pleasures.
    • Another short-term arrangement was day labour where transient labour, operating without a contract, could work for a daily wage with either party free to end the relationship.
    • The group has been calling for temporary halting site facilities for transient traders.
    • They are termed abandoners, though some may be transient crèchers whose period of care was shorter than the interval between observations
    • The pictures reflect an interest in the ephemeral, impermanent, transient nature of the world.
    • As I looked at this contrast between living, transient beauty and cold mortality, I thought: ‘Et in Arcadia, ego’.
    • She was panting: her breath forming strings of transient puffs in the cold air.
    • The patient underwent a subtotal resection of the tumor, which resulted in improved vision and only transient short-term memory deficits.
    • But the area was unfamiliar to me yesterday and I felt the human memory is short-lived and life is transient.
    • Short term memory refers to the transient memories that last from minutes to hours.
    • The notion that life is transient, that the material is impermanent, is common to many religious and philosophical systems.
    • Poetry therefore constitutes the only language practice capable of transfiguring temporal, transient things into the eternal.
    • There are also forms of organically based temporary or transient amnesia, such as those induced by drug or alcohol intoxication or by epileptic seizures.
    • Furthermore, brief and transient increases in population size may be sufficient to maintain functional overlap.
    • Thus to ‘notice’ is more than a matter of paying brief attention to transient phenomena.
    • Most women revealed highly unstable and transient relationship patterns.
    • We enfeeble ourselves clinging to transient, ephemeral material things and relationships.
    • Therefore, we accept life and death as part of this ephemeral and transient cycle.
    • Happiness is a transient condition that vanishes the moment it's in your grip, when another allurement emerges that goads you on inexorably.
    • On some level, I have been able to detach myself from them, and to see them as a condition which is every bit as arbitrary and transient as a common cold.
    • Am I magnifying its intensity because it is of a more transient nature while the other poses more serious implications?
    • In this paper it is demonstrated that transient expression can easily be performed in ripe fleshy fruits.
    • Similar weight gain occurred that was easily controlled with transient increases in diuretics.
    • If the pain is transient, I wouldn't worry about it.


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    vagabundo masculine
    vagabunda feminine
    • The law had been applied to hotels and motels to collect a tax from transients, vacationers, and travelers, who stay overnight in Alabama.
    • Drug addicts, especially injecting drug users, sex workers, those in prison and those referred to as transients and migrants remain at the top of the nation's list of ‘high-risk’ groups.
    • The editorial page was happy about it, but reminded us how downtown had lost so many SRO (single-room occupancy) hotels like this one, displacing transients and day-laborers.
    • Andy writes ‘There are far too many poets, painters, writers, protesters, and transients getting benefits.’
    • Because the transients are such gypsies, their so-called ‘predatory events’ present the best opportunity to study them.
    • Bums, transients, and hobos are everywhere there is opportunity or the opportunity to be near opportunity yet still be far away from success.
    • Quite a few young women were brought in, usually street walkers and transients, which were considered wards of the state.
    • While many locals don't like what's happening to their neighbourhood, they're also reluctant to give the cold shoulder to the homeless, thus providing less incentive for transients to move on.
    • There were probably, I'd say about 15 solid members, maybe 10 to 15 solid members, and then another 10 or so transients.
    • A police spokesman said: ‘The indication that transients are involved is correct.’
    • Though many stalwart defenders of the homeless also spoke at the meeting, the council ultimately passed two ordinances that appear intended to clear transients out.
    • It's a bizarre mix of ski bums, transients, small businesses, families, settled hippies, hippy wannabes, and red necks, but everyone seems to get along.
    • Just pick victims without families, like transients!
    • Think of college towns, many of which almost certainly have an even higher proportion of transients in the population than DC does.
    • A Garda spokesperson acknowledged that there were a number of homeless or transients in the city and they often congregated together.
    • They interviewed transients, neighbors, old boyfriends, family, you name it.
    • No one minded, because fast food - with the emphasis on fast - is exactly what hurrying, scurrying transients want.
    • There are other things which are not as appealing, like the transients.
    • Sport, as this city of transfers and transients is discovering, can bind a community together.
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    oscilación momentánea feminine
    • The AA300 Series integrated load center lets users tailor protection against harmful voltage transients.
    • The series is immune to short voltage transients.
    • We use fluorescent amphiphilic dyes which are well established to record voltage transients in neurons at low to medium resolution.
    • Capacitive transients and linear current leakage were minimized on-line by acting on the respective built-in compensation sections of the amplifier.
    • Current transients were then obtained by subtraction of sloping baselines separately fitted to ‘on’ and ‘off’ portions.
    • Repetitive current transients detected during the flicker of the exocytotic fusion pore may be related to leakage.
    • In addition, the quality of the fit can easily be assayed by measuring how well the current transient conforms to an exponential time course.
    • Application of a potential step to the coated electrode system results in a current transient that can be divided into two regions.
    • Upon decreasing the frequency, the transients fell back to the initial steady state.
    • They are also quite sensitive to variations in power quality due to transients, harmonics, and voltage surges and sags.
    • Other situations affecting power quality are transients or spikes, surges or over-voltages, noise and sags or brownouts.
    • As the lattice parameter decreases, these transients occur more frequently.
    • The initial current transient that is mediated by rapidly inactivating A-type K + channels was missing in the transistor signal.
    • The source also needs to maintain bandwidth stability as parameters like duty cycle and repetition rate change, creating thermal transients and acoustic resonances.
    • Phase transients, such as jitter and wander, may produce slips in voice traffic that result in audible clicks on the line.
    • Capacitance transients are not seen in the traces, since they occurred before the start of the scan.
    • In most experiments, we partially compensated the membrane transients to speed the membrane voltage clamp.