Translation of transitory in Spanish:


transitorio, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtrænsəˌtɔri/ /ˈtrænzəˌtɔri/ /ˈtransɪt(ə)ri/ /ˈtrɑːnsɪt(ə)ri/ /ˈtranzɪt(ə)ri/ /ˈtrɑːnzɪt(ə)ri/

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    • And of course newspapers have to find ways of protecting transitory information in a short time-frame and make money from it.
    • These paintings depicted the fleeting moments, transitory effects of atmosphere.
    • Consumption, as well as income, has both a permanent and a transitory component.
    • I mean what could you possibly win, apart from cash and the kind of frankly transitory and ephemeral applause of certain kinds?
    • In short, knowing how transitory life is, let us seize the fleeting, refulgent moment.
    • As a result, there was a transitory period of political and economic stabilisation in the early twenties.
    • For that one single moment, that transitory instant, I was actually delighted to see him again.
    • Furthermore, a characteristic could be something temporary or transitory if the subject of taunts or insults.
    • The things that belong to the visible realm are transitory and impermanent.
    • And in this day to day life you live no more than in that moving and transitory moment.
    • Some of her brief message-poems for friends can seem tenuous and transitory.
    • It is only prudent to renounce what is transitory and illegitimate for that is what is permanent and sublime.
    • The visible things are transitory: it is the invisible things that are really permanent.
    • It was certainly part of his thinking, the transitory nature of things.
    • I think it was just hormones or something equally useless and transitory.
    • The problem, however, is that the growth effect is transitory - a one off, as the British say.
    • To most though, it's typical of the transitory nature of everything in town.
    • In this way, the creative process is likened to a search for something that is evasive and transitory, something that is difficult to grasp.
    • They have faded quite a bit, and that makes perfect sense since they were created as transitory objects.
    • Given the marginal and transitory nature of these shows, it is a wonder that anyone remembers them at all.