Translation of transpose in Spanish:


trasponer, v.

Pronunciation /træn(t)ˈspoʊz/ /tranˈspəʊz/ /trɑːnˈspəʊz/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (change order of)
    (words/letters) trasponer
    (words/letters) transponer
    • When I tracked down Robyn's correct number to call her, I found that I had accidentally transposed the last two digits.
    • About ten days later, I got a message from him on my answering machine. ‘They had transposed two of the numbers on your license plate.’
    • How often have you been typing something, and you accidentally transposed two different letters?
    • It became an international incident because he transposed two syllables.
    • The error was a result of human error and was a result of the two addresses being transposed on the agency's database.
    • The disputed bill had transposed the two, with the result that it was overcharging you.
    • I then point out that if he actually dials the right number instead of transposing the last 2 digits to end in 67 as opposed to 76 he might be more successful.
    • And each and every time, I've mistyped it - I keep transposing the B and M. It's bugging the hell out of me.
    • So this would suggest that Mr. Senior Administration Official simply transposed the sequence of events, intentionally or unintentionally.
    • I, or someone, transposed the numbers - it should be 86th Street.
    • What has happened is that the two have been transposed.
    • These are both simple series with the second two digits transposed (864 has become 846, 246 has become 264).
    • Same goes for middle initials, alternate spellings, or transposed driver's license numbers.
    • Suppose two adjacent digits, cd, are transposed to dc.
    • Francis Ysidro Edgeworth was originally named Ysidro Francis Edgeworth but transposed his forenames.
    • That is why dyslexics tend to reverse the order of letter features, thus confusing d with b and p with q, and to transpose the order of letters within words.
    • There are, however, other families of ciphers which are based on the idea of transposing the order in which the letters are written.
    • When the order of the strategies was transposed, the participant structure changed to the extent that there was a sharing of the process of making sense of the text.
  • 2

    (piece/chord) transportar
    • Traditionally a British brass instrument, she has had to learn how to transpose music for the horn, expanding her musical knowledge beyond what she may have anticipated.
    • It was probably done when the RCM parts were transposed down a fifth from the pitch still reproduced in the Durham organ part.
    • I haven't checked to see if any part has been transposed down, but it's immaterial, because one can take a 10-minute rest, then ‘splice in’ the most strenuous phrase.
    • All the parts except the bass trombone are written in treble clef and transposed to make it easy for players to change from one instrument to another.
    • Furthermore, this alteration makes bar 33 exactly the same as bar 32, transposed down a tone, and thus there is a perfect sequential relationship between the two bars.
    • Not only was his acting nuanced and committed, but his vocal command of the notes, some admittedly transposed down for comfort, was also complete.
    • Have the student try playing this, and other familiar tunes, and then transposing each to a different key.
    • Eventually, students transpose their keyboard harmony pieces and make variations based on the themes.
    • She was a willing collaborator, transposing a few songs to better fit the voices being used in the production.
    • She advised organists to transpose their accompaniments to a more accommodating key.
    • The transition material is transposed intact down a fifth and leads to the tonic major for the remainder of this complete return.
    • It is then transposed upwards by stages, eventually reaching F-D again at the climax in bar 35.
    • The authors indicate that certain exercises in this book are to be transposed to other keys.
    • The confusion results when students try to transpose other instruments, rendering them as they would sound at the piano.
    • Michael interpolates his repertoire, transposing any tune without difficulty in the smoothest of transitions.
    • Once I've sampled it I can transpose it over six octaves, so if you write a whole melody with that one note going up and down the scale you get this amazing texture.
    • Carter transposed the song onto a different key and played around with it a bit.