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transversal, adj.

Pronunciación /træn(t)sˈvərs/ /trænzˈvərs/ /tranzˈvəːs/ /trɑːnzˈvəːs/ /transˈvəːs/ /trɑːnsˈvəːs/

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    (section/beam/engine) transversal
    • One line of measuring points in the transverse direction was situated directly under the facial tanner.
    • Pairs of transverse white lines that extend all the way across the nail are called Muehrcke's lines.
    • Only the most posterior one to three transverse ridges may cross the platform.
    • Oblique or even transverse fractures of the shaft or base of the metacarpals can occur in one or more metacarpals.
    • Either bake one large cake and carry out a transverse dissection, or bake two smaller ones and glue them together with killer icing.
    • If we must discuss individual aspects of its makeup, they must be seen as transverse sections of that whole.
    • So when the midwife tried to break my waters he popped his head out of the engaged position in the pelvis and moved so he was transverse breech.
    • A crab cavity provides a transverse kick that forces the beam passing through it to travel sideways.
    • That is why transverse welds in columns and beams resist buckling best at points of lateral support.
    • The depth of the tie beam was minimized to avoid transverse bending from the tower legs.
    • Feather muscles are oriented diagonally to the longitudinal and transverse body axes.
    • The transverse abdominis is made up of muscle fibers that run horizontally around the abdomen.
    • Also two diagonally-projecting arms at the rear are fixed to a rear transverse rail.
    • They took a side road that transverse a section of near rural country.
    • The fetus slowly rotates, first into the transverse position and then, finally, the vertex.
    • The plane of the injury can be described as dorsal, transverse or volar.
    • The permanent six-wheel drive has longitudinal and transverse differential locks.
    • At this point, the transverse chain order also still remains rather high.
    • Micropyles are marked with arrows (longitudinal in longer ovule, transverse in shorter ovule).
    • In these larger forms it is not unusual for one or two transverse ridges to connect across the greatly reduced groove.