Traducción de travel en Español:


viajar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈtrævəl/ /ˈtrav(ə)l/

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verbo intransitivo traveling, traveled, travelling, travelled

  • 1

    (make journey)
    when are you traveling? ¿cuándo viajas?
    • they traveled by night viajaron de noche
    • to travel by air / by plane viajar en avión
    • to travel by rail / train viajar en tren
    • to travel overland/by road viajar por tierra/por carretera
    • to travel on horseback/foot ir a caballo/a pie
    • passengers traveling to Budapest los pasajeros con destino a Budapest
    • I have to travel a lot in my job tengo que viajar mucho por cuestiones de trabajo
    • I spent a month traveling around France estuve un mes viajando por / recorriendo Francia
    • I once fell in love over the internet, and travelled 5 thousand miles to meet her.
    • It is thought thousands of people travelled for hundreds of miles bringing their cattle with them for the feast, which was held after the Roman invasion.
    • On one occasion he ran eight marathons in just ten days, and has often had to travel for thousands of miles to get from one race to the next.
    • Strange how your mind wanders when you're travelling alone.
    • He was big into greyhounds all his life and regularly travelled to meetings the length and breadth of the country.
    • Wise to the ways of the world, Emmanuelle travels about alone.
    • Karl still has thousands of miles left to travel before he walks through the Channel Tunnel and into the arms of his family some time around 2009.
    • He also said care should be taken on the journey home and recommended people not to travel alone.
    • Often this meant travelling together the length and breadth of America in a station wagon.
    • The diary travelled across the length and breadth of South Africa, just as it accompanies Strauss wherever he plays cricket in this country.
    • North Wiltshire farmers and hauliers fear plans to move the Chippenham Livestock Market to Cribbs Causeway would make travelling a nightmare.
    • Eventually, I was given the green light, but one of my colleagues with whom I was travelling said she started to wonder if I was going to be allowed to take the flight that day.
    • With travelling reduced to a manageable level, stress levels have decreased, and headspace has been restored.
    • They are asking local people to let relatives who were travelling know that the event has been cancelled and the people who have bookings for accommodation to do
    • Various consultancy jobs followed, but his passion for travelling took over.
    • Her daughter told how the extra travelling involved meant she would have less daily contact with her mum.
    • You'd have to travel back in time almost 20 years to find their origin.
    • Being a successful documentary filmmaker, her father brought his family to travel around the globe.
    • You have to travel back to 19th century India to discover the origin of this particular phrase.
    • In 1828 he travelled to Vienna for a series of wildly successful concerts, so launching a considerable European career, taking him to almost all the major centres.
  • 2

    • 2.1(move, go)

      (vehicle) desplazarse
      (vehicle) ir
      (particles/comet) desplazarse
      (light/waves) propagarse
      (bobbin/piston) desplazarse
      we were traveling at more than 80mph íbamos a más de 80 millas por hora
      • skiers travel down the slope at incredible speeds los esquiadores bajan por la pendiente a velocidades increíbles
      • the ball traveled 100m la pelota recorrió 100m
      • news travels fast las noticias vuelan
      • the rumor traveled swiftly around the building el rumor se propagó / extendió rápidamente por todo el edificio
      • the crane travels on rails la grúa se desliza / corre sobre rieles
      • the liquid travels along this pipe el líquido corre / va por esta tubería
      • This means that light rays travel to the back of the retina before they have been bent by the cornea and lens.
      • No studies have been made in bordering countries, although there are concerns that radiation travels via the wind, water and fauna.
      • The amount of rays constantly traveling through their body was immeasurable.
      • Light rays travel through the lens at the front of the eye and form images on the retina.
      • Third is immediate radiation travelling at the speed of light-neutron radiation at shorter distances, and gamma radiation further out.
      • An air mass of 1 means that the sun is directly overhead and the radiation travels through one atmosphere (thickness).
      • Perhaps he is unaware the metre is based on a tiny fraction of the distance that white light travels in a vacuum per second, while a yard is based on the distance from your nose to your outstretched hand.
      • The effect reaches as far as light can travel, burning itself like a candle with a kaleidoscope of colours.
      • Sunlight traveling from space into the earth's atmosphere will undergo a large amount of refraction.
      • He believes that these rays travel with infinite velocity.
      • Lightning is seen first because sound travels slower than light.
      • The difference is that the patient is first injected with a light sensitive dye which travels to the retina and highlights the abnormal blood vessels.
      • If there were just one molecule in the box, then there would be an obvious rule: it travels at constant speed, and bounces off the walls of the box when it hits them.
      • Special relativity only applied to objects travelling at constant speed, that is, to inertial frames of reference.
      • Suppose we have two observers A and B in different inertial frames, that is each is travelling at a constant velocity not acted on by any forces.
      • In fact, no two rays are traveling toward the same point along the optical axis.
      • By then the universe had cooled down enough for neutral atoms to form, at last allowing radiation to travel unimpeded.
      • These fronts travel at constant speeds and can deliver signals to arbitrary distances.
      • The result of this is a cloud of fragments orbiting the planet travelling at speeds of 3-6 kilometres a second.
      • This year they will be travelling through Earth's orbit on November 18.

    • 2.2coloquial (move fast)

      he was really traveling! venía/iba a toda velocidad
      • A third articulated lorry travelling behind the three vehicles also moved across and as it did so ploughed into the back of the car, shunting it into the trucks in front.
      • I feel that calming has a significant effect on vehicles: cars travelling at excessive speeds would create a series of noises from each ‘hump’.
      • Now appreciate that a vehicle traveling at 60 mph moves 88 feet per second.
      • The video trailer captured images of the vehicles from behind to enable monitoring of any lateral movement as the vehicles travelled over the platforms.
      • The accident happened when the Corsa collided with a blue Ford Escort as both vehicles travelled towards Haxby.
      • He told the court that the officer said the police car was travelling at 100 mph but did not close on the vehicle.
      • Vehicles travelling behind that car also brake hard, triggering a domino effect as motorists react to brake lights in front of them, slowing all traffic in that lane.
      • Police believe the vehicle was travelling in excess of the sign posted speed limit at the time of the accident.
      • But the vehicle travelled less than 50 yards before being stopped by police, who sealed off the road.
      • He said the area had been ‘identified as posing a significant threat to pedestrians and motorists mainly from vehicles travelling too fast.’
      • Residents have now told the county council they want a seven-and-a-half tonne limit imposed on vehicles travelling on the village's 30 mph stretch.
      • The braking distance for a vehicle travelling at 100k is considerably longer that 54 yards.
      • Both vehicles were travelling at around 50 mph.
      • It was probable that some of the vehicles were travelling at speed.
      • This has left dozens of schools attended by children as young as four and five separated just by walls and gates from vehicles travelling at up to 62 mph.
      • The road, which had been laid with an unfinished base layer, was not finished with a surface of chip and tar to give it the necessary grip for vehicles travelling at normal speed.
      • He estimated the vehicles were travelling at up to 65 mph in a 20 mph zone, where traffic is controlled by speed chicanes.
      • Surely a pedestrian has more chance of survival if hit by a vehicle travelling at 50 mph rather than 70 mph.
      • He may not be aware that most of accidents happen in urban areas with the vehicles involved travelling at speeds of 30 mph or less.
      • Have they not seen the TV adverts showing what happens if a person is hit by a vehicle travelling too fast?

  • 3

    (react to being transported)
    this wine travels very well la calidad de este vino no se ve afectada por el transporte
    • British humor doesn't travel well el humor británico resulta difícil de entender en el extranjero
  • 4

    ser viajante
    ser representante
    ser corredor Río de la Plata
    to travel in sth
  • 5

    (in basketball)
    dar pasos
    hacer pasos
    dar carrera Colombia
    caminar Cono Sur

verbo transitivo traveling, traveled, travelling, travelled

  • 1

    (country/world) viajar por
    (country/world) recorrer
    (road/distance) recorrer
    we travel the length and breadth of the country viajamos a lo largo y ancho del país
    • In his time with the company, he travelled every road and boreen in the Waterford area and he had many a conversation with his clients about farming life.
    • In England the road traffic code system is much the same as here, if you stay away from the motorways and travel the country roads.
    • This is the age at which they can wander and be induced to travel the wrong road.
    • I have the misfortune through my job to have to travel that road several times a day.
    • He took great pleasure in travelling the roads and boreens on a Sunday afternoon drive.
    • Yes, the paper has travelled a long road in 20 years.
    • The lines on Johnny Cash's face showed a man who had travelled many roads and seen many things - but also a man who had gained much wisdom along the way.
    • It was, to that point, the road not travelled by any of us.
    • Yesterday the cyclists travelled the road from Mullingar to Claremorris.
    • God knows I have travelled rough roads in my reporting years but it is difficult to recall one that was so consistently bad for such a long distance.
    • Most have travelled a long road to get to San Roque, and the pressure of trying to hold it all together over six gruelling rounds cannot be underestimated.
    • I travel this road every day going to and from work.
    • Jack and Jackson were traveling a bumpy road for a while there.
    • Maybe you are searching for peace and you have traveled many roads without finding it.
    • Astrology gives the individual a chance to travel the road to self discovery, independently.
    • The bulk of the chapter examines three basic ways in which a proposal can travel the long road from proposal to decision.
    • For adventure touring in New Zealand, travelling the highways and byways can provide some impromptu thrills.
    • Not even fish will be forgiven for travelling this road.
    • There may be powers that are not malignant travelling this accursed road.
    • Before he moved to Cambodia John Keeler had lived in Ireland, travelling the country in an ambulance he had converted into a mini theatre which put on puppet shows for children.


  • 1

    • 1.1(activity)

      viajes masculino
      (company/brochure) (before noun) de viajes
      (industry) turístico
      (book) de viajes
      (book) sobre viajes
      cheap travel viajes a precios reducidos
      • his job involves a lot of travel tiene que viajar mucho por su trabajo
      • how much do you spend on travel to work? ¿cuánto gastas para ir al trabajo?
      • the cost includes travel to and from the airport el precio incluye los traslados al y desde el aeropuerto
      • we covered 800km in a day's travel hicimos 800km en un día de viaje
      • Acme Travel Viajes Acme
      • travel alarm despertador de viaje
      • travel bag bolso de viaje / de mano
      • travel documents documentos de viaje
      • travel news boletín informativo para el viajero
      • travel writer
      • It would provide lots of adventure and travel but at the same time also put a safe distance between him and some of the men and women he had cheated.
      • It also avoided a lot of travel back and forward.
      • Twenty-five years ago, I learned about business travel by spending a lot of time in San Francisco.
      • But once he took over the commerce ministry, it meant a lot of travel.
      • More than 50 years ago, the RCMP's work demanded a lot of travel over remote areas by land.
      • Apparently, I work too hard but we have lots of travel and reasons for celebration in our near future.
      • There's an enormous amount of travel and a lot of very interesting challenges.
      • People have a bad habit of comparing space travel with air travel.
      • Whether it's adventure travel or a mental-health break during reading week, they'll help you get out of town.
      • We also wanted to reduce the depth of the ruts left behind by machine travel on these sites.
      • They ran into weather problems and a lack of snow on the ground, Pettis says, which can seriously hamper travel by snow machine.
      • In Washington and California, skiers use the machines to aid travel to remote huts.
      • Use fewer trails to limit machine travel, and rutting may become a factor.
      • However, with the changing market conditions, the current rate of travel is not going to get us to acceptable performance soon enough.
      • She writes on topics ranging from travel to fitness, and also recently completed a mystery novel.
      • I have a choice of modes of travel: I can fly, drive, take a train, cycle, motorcycle, walk, or take a ferry.
      • After receiving the invitation, my wife and I began to discuss our best mode of travel.
      • This mode of travel, however futuristic it sounds, is not without precedent.
      • First, the rate of travel of a standard bottle rocket can reach speeds up to 200 miles per hour.
      • Their average rates of travel allow for their rest and sleep periods.

    • 1.2travels plural

      viajes masculino
      if you see Pete in your travels si ves a Pete por ahí

  • 2

    (of lever, piston)
    desplazamiento masculino
    • Like many Quebec contractors, machine travel and ground disturbance are driving issues.