Translation of treacherous in Spanish:


traicionero, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtrɛtʃ(ə)rəs/

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  • 1

    (person) traicionero
    (person) traidor
    a treacherous act una traición
    • Josh had been promoted recently because of a treacherous betrayal by the old Number Four.
    • For example, he embodied animals that were weak, cowardly, false, and treacherous.
    • They are not deceitful or treacherous in their conduct and are faithful to their oaths and promises.
    • Is it treacherous to say I hope we lose every game in the World Cup?
    • But David says we should not be too confident that those people whose heads looked down from the bar were truly treacherous.
    • And behind that grinning face lay a treacherous, poisonous personality.
    • Rather than admit the great man is in fact a great flop, they label these dedicated economic soldiers as treacherous.
    • The left on Auckland City's council have become self-indulgent and treacherous to each other.
    • He proved a selfish, egocentric, ungrateful, and treacherous recipient of Noble's many kindnesses.
    • Gone are interesting characters like the greedy and treacherous aide, and that marvelous biplane.
    • I realise that he likes the tortured martyr parts in which he valiantly combats the treacherous world that seeks to subdue him.
    • When the robber opened the note and read what the king had written, he realized the king had devised a treacherous plan.
    • They are a treacherous people who violate oaths and covenants.
    • They are not anywhere near as treacherous as crack addicts or alcoholics for that matter.
    • The earliest documented ballads feature Robin Hood as lusty, treacherous and violent.
    • Philip found that following the logic of these conspiracy theories was deeply treacherous and disorienting.
    • The fate of the farm animals was so grim, the pigs so mean and mendacious and treacherous, the sheep so stupid.
    • He's deposed by a treacherous underling, winds up on the street, and is taken in by a tough noodle vendor with messed up teeth.
  • 2

    (dangerous, unpredictable)
    (bend) peligroso
    (sea/current) traicionero
    treacherous weather conditions condiciones climáticas adversas
    • My inertia in not pushing it backwards into a safe zone is as guilty for the shattered glass as the treacherous wind.
    • On that day Couples' tee-shot to Golden Bell, the treacherous par three, clung miraculously to the bank of the Creek.
    • The views open out to the north-east, across the treacherous Pentland Firth to Orkney, as you reach Portskerra pier.
    • The women worked the wind-swept fields while the men worked the quarries and manned fishing boats in famously treacherous seas.
    • The earth is rich and dead, and offers treacherous footing.
    • He parallels the paths of two very different figures, each coming of age and choosing a path in life during a treacherous time.
    • If the Marina is known for its strong undercurrents, the sand on Elliots Beach is treacherous as it keeps shifting.
    • Weather conditions in the area at the time of the incident were described as treacherous by local emergency services.
    • The descent is worse, in parts a sheer drop on a thin track almost hidden by heather with treacherous rocks and holes ready to trip up even the most nimble feet.
    • It can be very treacherous and can give way at any time.
    • I dragged myself up, hanging on to the treacherous railing, and lumbered up the stairs, bruised all over.
    • It resembles a treacherous dungeon, which is strange because one wall is entirely windows.
    • Some 500,000 vessels a year pass through the treacherous, narrow Bosporus and Dardanelles straits.
    • The Garavogue is a fast-flowing treacherous river and we can do without those vandals who steal the ring buoys.
    • The road in Tunduffe has now gained such a high level of points that Gardai declare it treacherous and a serious accident risk.
    • We made it to the top, but coming down was more treacherous.
    • Many side roads were treacherous and remained so till Tuesday and several minor accidents occurred as a result.
    • As the treacherous winter months lie ahead, let's not wait for more alarming statistics to bring us to our senses.
    • I thought that in my years as a reporter I had navigated some fairly treacherous terrain.
    • A grieving family has pleaded for action to be taken on a treacherous bend that this week claimed the life of their mother.