Translation of treacly in Spanish:


meloso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtrik(ə)li/ /ˈtriːk(ə)li/

adjective treaclier, treacliest

  • 1

    (like treacle)
    • Once these were distilled from molasses, which left a black treacly taste simmering underneath the juniper and other botanicals.
    • Unrefined brown sugars (light or dark muscovado) taste fudgy and treacly and are perfect for toffee-like sauces.
    • Everything for 20 yards was treacly with gritty black fat.
    • What can I say when between the beauty-board on the wall and the muzak in the air I study my €11.95 starter, which consists of a few scraps of black pudding plus treacly sauce?
    • The starter of oysters with potatoes and Dunsyre blue was really three starters in one (alas, the salty freshness of oysters doesn't complement the mouldiness of blue cheese); the confit duck leg came in a dense, treacly reduction.
  • 2

    (story) sensiblero
    (manner/voice) meloso
    (manner/voice) empalagoso
    • I suppose it was inevitable that these two masters of treacly sentimentality would meet up one day, but I was hoping they would duel to the death instead of joining forces.
    • Like far too many bottom-of-the-barrel comedies, this one eventually decides to take a left turn into treacly melodrama, which is about the worst move it could possibly make.
    • PAY IT FORWARD, with a few missteps along the way, could have become a syrupy, treacly exercise in mawkishness.
    • The treacly songs were gag-me-with-a-spoon sugary sweet.
    • It's treacly and cloying, and all just a bit too neatly wrapped up at the end.