Translation of tree in Spanish:


árbol, n.

Pronunciation /tri/ /triː/

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    árbol masculine
    apple tree manzano
    • to climb a tree subirse a un árbol
    • the tree of knowledge (of good and evil) el árbol de la ciencia (del bien y del mal)
    • the tree of life el árbol de la vida
    • money doesn't grow on trees el dinero no crece en los árboles
    • qualified nurses don't grow on trees enfermeras tituladas no se encuentran así como así
    • At the same time, branch-cutting was encouraged to get the tree to grow a single, main trunk.
    • He wrapped his wings around himself and then leaned back against the trunk of the tree, watching the ground beneath him.
    • Unlike many plants that grow in trees, epiphytic orchids are not parasites and don't harm the plants on which they grow.
    • His applications included computing the maximum height a tree can grow.
    • An advantage of planting deciduous trees is that other plants or small trees can be grown underneath them quite successfully.
    • In the summer it would be nearly sylvan, and the trees would grow new wood and leaves with branches dropping with fruit.
    • Some species look like a typical tree, with a single trunk growing from earthbound roots.
    • Branches hang into the village from trees growing outside - trees we used for fresh fruit and safety.
    • As a small child, she once hid for four hours in the branches of a garden tree watching her mother's frantic efforts to find her as the evening turned to dusk.
    • Each house has a short wall built of bricks with branches of green trees stretching outside the walls.
    • The avenue was a natural vault, with the denuded branches of old trees arching and lacing overhead.
    • Brass snaps impart a utilitarian elegance, and its hook hangs as easily from a bathroom door as from the branches of a baobab tree.
    • A branch from the tallest tree, the one at the top tier of the backyard, swung out almost over us.
    • There is one painting of a dead cedar tree, with a blackish, twisted upside-down tornado on a warm desert hillside.
    • He does not believe that only trees which have crossed their natural lifespans are falling down.
    • This was especially so in the prairies and plains, where a scarcity of trees made wooden fencing impractical.
    • He then drew an axe from the sack on his back and walked down to the trees to make a wooden stretcher on which to tie the deer's carcass.
    • On either side of the wooden house were the mere structures of two large trees with no leaves visible.
    • The plum tree in our garden is covered in blossom, as are the trees outside my office window.
    • The house was on a hill and there weren't many trees or hedges to shelter it from the wind.