Translation of trial run in Spanish:

trial run


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    I would never buy a car without giving it a trial run nunca compraría un coche sin ponerlo a prueba
    • it was the prototype's first trial run era la primera puesta a prueba del prototipo
    • With the experience of the trial run, they hope to fine tune the system and make it fool proof, so that passengers using the facility will not be disappointed.
    • Two members of the operational team, it went on to say, had evaded security checks during a recent trial run at an unidentified New York airport.
    • I am therefore going to run an experimental trial run next week, from Monday March 24 to Sunday March 30.
    • We wish them well in their trial run for the real exams next Summer.
    • It had conducted a trial run of an electronic transfer system to enable customers to withdraw money just a day after it is remitted from a Gulf country.
    • This game was a trial run of the first semi-final next week and it should turn out to be a nail-biter in good football tradition.
    • We can say with some certainty that the New York State experience is a trial run for battles to be fought in other states.
    • A lot of people have said we should have a trial run, but you have to have the courage of your convictions.
    • Technology that could underpin a national identity card scheme has been given a trial run in South Yorkshire as part of a nationwide pilot project.
    • The system already had a successful trial run in South Africa.