Translation of Triassic in Spanish:


triásico, adj.

Pronunciation /traɪˈæsɪk/ /trʌɪˈasɪk/


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    • Implicit in this emplacement model is that the Permian and Triassic plutonic complexes are tabular granites with length and width dimensions that are much greater than their thickness.
    • Permian and Triassic plutonic complexes comprise monzonite, granite, granodiorite or tonalite with minor gabbro and diorite.
    • Low-angle unconformities can be observed between the Triassic and Jurassic rocks at outcrop scale.
    • Uppermost Permian and Triassic terrestrial sediments conformably overlie the terminal volcanic rocks.
    • In the Mesozoic section, a Triassic basin, up to 1800 m thick and roughly circular in map view, is centred SW of the present uplifted Bishri block.


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    the Triassic el triásico