Translation of tribesman in Spanish:


miembro de una tribu, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtraɪbzmən/ /ˈtrʌɪbzmən/

nounplural tribesmen

  • 1

    miembro de una tribu masculine
    • They are as keenly felt by the African tribesman as by the European city-dweller, by the inhabitant of a Latin American shanty-town as by the resident of a Manhattan apartment.
    • On hearing of his misdeeds, the ‘witch’ has no trouble believing that he is indeed the cause of his tribesman's misfortunes.
    • Gillison seems in her element in uncharted jungles, among indigenous tribesmen and curious expats.
    • Many African tribesmen routinely bagged their game by following it until it tired and they could kill it easily.
    • After the Arab conquest during the 7th century Arab tribesmen settled in Lebanon.
    • The policy weakens the tribesman's faith in British fair play.
    • Abu, an African tribesman, befriends Harry after saving him from certain death and speaks perfect English.
    • The status of the book was a dramatic illustration of the fact that the language of the tribesmen of Arabia had become that of a major Eurasian civilization.
    • Most victims were migrants from other parts of Indonesia who became the target of local tribesmen venting their anger on the police.
    • There are Arabs, Uzbeks and Chechens and local tribesmen among the captives.
    • They were once thriving tribesmen that ranged all across southern Africa.
    • They're mostly Egyptian tribesmen with connections to the Arabs living in Palestine.
    • Chechen tribesmen figure prominently in the works of some major Russian 19th century writers.
    • Towns were regarded as tribes, therefore when someone from Najaf killed a tribesman, the tribe would avenge the murdered by murdering another Najafi.
    • Now all the city notables and tribesmen have to build all sorts of new relationships with new foreign peace enforcers.
    • Tens of thousands of Turkmen tribesmen swarmed across Asia Minor, and within a decade the empire had lost most of its grain and more than half its manpower.
    • Other tribesmen were approaching from all around him.
    • Tutsi guerrilla fighters would not let me catch so much as a feral chicken in a countryside swarming with the livestock of their murdered fellow tribesmen.