Translation of triceps in Spanish:


tríceps, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtraɪˌsɛps/ /ˈtrʌɪsɛps/

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nounplural triceps

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    tríceps masculine
    • Palpation of the soft tissues begins with the biceps and triceps muscles.
    • Then the biceps relaxes and the triceps contracts to straighten the elbow.
    • The rotating French press is a terrific triceps toner because it really isolates the triceps muscle.
    • The three heads of the triceps muscle join at one common tendon just below your elbow.
    • To maintain control of the rep, simply keep your triceps muscle contracted.
    • All of these factors make it easier to focus on your triceps, biceps and forearms than, say, your lats.
    • It's a thin scar six inches long tracing a curve from his forearm toward his triceps muscle.
    • If you have the time to give biceps and triceps a day of their own, that's awesome.
    • These will ensure that each of the three heads of the triceps muscle gets its proper due.
    • She squeezes her triceps to reverse the movement and contracts the muscles hard at the top.
    • Occasionally the medial head of the triceps extends distally to form an arch across the ulnar groove.
    • Keep your elbows against your sides, so that all of your power comes from your upper triceps.
    • For instance, a triceps dip is a wonderful exercise using your body weights.
    • We collected new data on measurements of the skinfold at the triceps.
    • I want to thicken my back and improve the sweep of my quads and upper pecs, and I'll work on my triceps, too.
    • I prefer to team up triceps and biceps movements in supersetting my own arms.
    • Overhead exercises activate your triceps differently than pressing movements.
    • He is not just a football player intimidating opponents with biceps and triceps.
    • I did chest, shoulders and triceps on day one and legs, back and biceps the following day.
    • This will make sure you place maximum load on the triceps throughout the entire range of motion.