Translation of trier in Spanish:


persona esforzada, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtraɪ(ə)r/ /ˈtrʌɪə/


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    persona esforzada feminine
    he may not be bright, but he's a trier no será inteligente pero al menos se esfuerza / pone empeño
    • He may not have been top of the class, but he was a trier, he always put the effort in and he never gave up, right until the end.
    • They have a team of real triers going into the big games and confidence will play a major part in the survival.
    • But he is a real trier and the Saltires can be sure he'll give everything for their cause.
    • He's such a hard trier, and he's always second or third, but he got the money today.
    • Andrew Heaney, Jarlath Varley, Michael Coleman, Jimmy Killeen and Danny McHugh were Garrymore's hardest triers.
    • Like Savage, all of them are superhuman triers whose success in the game has been more attributable to what they have in their heads and their hearts than in their feet.
    • Kiltegan will have better days but they had many hard triers.
    • We may have no big names of stars on our team but they are all triers to the last and will not be overawed by the reputation of the Dubs.
    • But New Zealanders love a trier, and that's him.
    • On the plus side I saw myself as a trier - just like Paula.
    • I mean, if a favourite gets beat well the punters think there's something wrong and if they win, well the punters think it was the only trier.
    • The Wimbledon crowd love a trier, particularly one who gives up his initial suspicion of grass, and being blessed with good looks or a dashing style does no harm.
    • A great trier who made the most of his ability, Martin thought he never got the credit he deserved at Forest, but he was a workhorse who scored a goal here and there.
    • God loves a trier, and once they don't reek of desperation, so do I.
    • Sakhee is a trier all right and the same applies to Sinndar.
    • She's won or come second in many major distance events, and she's a trier.
    • Their victory confirmed that God truly loves a trier, for it was their fifth attempt.
    • Froggatt is a more dependable type and a trier but will not trouble top-class defenders.
    • God loves a trier and there's no harder worker or trier than our Tom.
    • Graham Kavanagh is another trier but he, too, is a journeyman footballer.