Translation of triumphal in Spanish:


triunfal, adj.

Pronunciation /traɪˈəmfəl/ /trʌɪˈʌmf(ə)l/

Definition of triunfal in Spanish


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    (procession/march) triunfal
    • Rome also had numerous triumphal arches constructed throughout the city to celebrate military victories.
    • In August, Philip visited Poitiers in a triumphal procession.
    • I was always revolted by that triumphal sense of an achieved empire - to me it was appalling.
    • It almost surely will not end with a triumphal celebration, like VE Day and VJ Day in 1945.
    • The twenty-kilometre journey from Sandwich to Canterbury became a triumphal procession.
    • The triumphal arch was to span a distance of 285 feet and rise 325 feet, dwarfing the Eiffel Tower.
    • The answer lies not in the fact that he led a triumphal life but rather that at one particular pivot point in history he was there and did what was right.
    • In place of the usual triumphal victory speeches and photo-calls, the two candidates issued only brief statements.
    • And before the triumphal lunch of the following day is even contemplated, there is Christmas Eve supper to produce.
    • In the famous triumphal procession the chorus sings ‘Gloria’ with faces totally devoid of expression.
    • The scale of the triumphal arch is gargantuan and this is reinforced by its highly simplified architectural detail.
    • But, a hundred years after Amundsen, the journey ended without a triumphal on-ice celebration.
    • The Corinthia consists of two curving towers, one slightly taller than the other, linked by a cavernous reception area topped by a triumphal arch.
    • These panels recall the painted versions of battles that Roman generals carried in triumphal processions.
    • Remnants of the city's forum, basilica, temple, ramparts, oil mills and a huge triumphal arch are well preserved.
    • The following day, de Gaulle staged a triumphal procession which confirmed his position as liberator and leader of France.
    • Now while that celebration was deserved, if a little gauche and overly triumphal, the reasons for it must be analysed.
    • The triumphal arch is used to honour the victorious military leader, and the arch of brotherhood is used to symbolise unity, equality and protection.
    • His successes are commemorated in a number of grandiose effigies, triumphal arches, vast frescoes and victory columns.
    • Towering over the remote monastery at Masham there was even a triumphal column celebrating not the victories of kings but of Christ and his saints.