Translation of triumphant in Spanish:


triunfador, adj.

Pronunciation /traɪˈəmfənt/ /trʌɪˈʌmf(ə)nt/

Definition of triunfador in Spanish


  • 1

    (troops/team) triunfador
    (moment/return/entry) triunfal
    (smile) de triunfo
    (smile) triunfal
    the party was triumphant in the elections el partido salió triunfante en las elecciones
    • the play was a triumphant success la obra tuvo un éxito clamoroso
    • Each of the domes represents a battle in Ivan's triumphant war against the rebellious khan of Kazan.
    • The long-awaited opening will mark the triumphant end of a battle stretching back up to four years.
    • To be triumphant in the battle, you have to focus on your innate desire to be good.
    • He had experienced the joy of long-sought victory with the triumphant Limerick team of 1973.
    • The triumphant Mottingham Village team celebrates its cup win against Fulham Town
    • Harriers' men's team were hit by injuries, with only one of the triumphant Southern team able to take part.
    • The past year, in financial terms, had seen further triumphant success.
    • The triumphant success of this gangster paradigm lies in the script's wit and macabre irony.
    • Bonfires blazed everywhere on Sunday evening welcoming the triumphant players back with the cup.
    • He came out of that class triumphant, and he's never looked back.
    • He is declared triumphant by default, and the host now rapidly changes the focus.
    • While the play was becoming more and more triumphant at the box-office, the movie was taking shape.
    • The defence and goalie shut out the Golden Hawk offence for the rest of the game to hold onto the win and remain triumphant.
    • You are triumphant in conflicts after a period of strife and opposition.
    • However, it was a triumphant night for Rovers, despite the rain which made for gruelling conditions at Villa Park.
    • They returned triumphant, the eyes were bright and the gills were sufficiently red for the fish to be judged A grade fresh.
    • But there is a special thrill in watching a young footballer facing a challenge and emerging triumphant.
    • Britain was triumphant in science, commerce and military endeavours.
    • She won four gold medals in different events at the championship and returned home triumphant.
    • A daredevil returned home triumphant yesterday after carrying out the highest bungee jump in the world.
    • "Reason number three right there, " Faith said with a triumphant smile.
    • People forgot the gloom of post-war hardships and were joyful, proud and triumphant.
    • When Canada wins by one point, Joe is triumphant - Team USA humbled and shocked.
    • Each of these winners is greeted by a triumphant roar and wild celebrations around the winners' enclosure.
    • People exit with triumphant smiles carrying boxes full of books, usually acquired for less than a fiver.
    • An old woman is sitting on the front steps with a triumphant smile on her face.
    • Ignoring Sam's constant triumphant smirks, Nick searched our faces for an answer.
    • He sat back in the copilot's seat and cast her a triumphant grin.
    • "So it was your boys fault, " concluded Tempest, looking triumphant.
    • Kage continued to hold me there, I could almost picture his triumphant smirk.
    • Robert spun around and paled at the sight of the girl's triumphant grin.
    • He had on a blank stare that made him look somewhat triumphant about something.
    • He stayed silent, trying to hide a triumphant smile, as he carried me all the way back to his base.
    • Then he turned and looked right at me, a triumphant grin battling the displeasure.
    • Satisfied with the answer, Selina plopped into the seat with a triumphant grin.
    • I dared to look at Kelly a few minutes later and saw her giving a triumphant smile.
    • He dropped me down to the ground and watched me with a triumphant smile.
    • His icy green eyes widened as she gazed down at him, a triumphant smile plastered on her face.
    • She tried to keep a triumphant smirk off her face when Petyr looked away.
    • A triumphant smile appeared on his face when the knob managed a full turn.