Translation of trooper in Spanish:


soldado de caballería, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtrupər/ /ˈtruːpə/


  • 1

    soldado de caballería masculine
    • Behind the Colonel were his hand picked unit of super troopers.
    • Four royal cavalry troopers in ceremonial armour and helmets took up watch around the coffin with swords drawn and heads bowed.
    • At Fort Knox, the Armor Center trains troopers, tankers, and leaders from privates to colonels - over 20,000 a year, as a matter of fact.
    • In 1914 he enlisted as a trooper and he was killed in France, shot through the head while resting in a shallow crater.
    • There was no time to dress ranks properly, and unit organization went by the board as the troopers struggled to form front.
    • I would argue that now, every soldier is also a cavalry trooper.
    • Here we came across a stray carriage into which I was lifted, and it was driven off to the Quatre Saisons - the young officer accompanying me, whilst a trooper followed with his horse, and the others rode off to their barracks.
    • Their unfamiliar appearance and smell so unsettled the enemy horses that the Lydian troopers were forced to dismount and fight on foot, where they were decisively defeated.
    • Rim soldiery was everywhere: troopers and cavalry, wagon trains carrying troops and supplies.
    • This, combined with Schofield's latch, made it possible for a cavalry trooper to reload the gun with one hand and still maintain control of his horse.
    • We cannot be exclusionary in our quest for recognition for our armor and cavalry troopers who are in harm's way against a cunning foe.
    • I look forward to working with all of our great Armor and Cavalry troopers and leaders.
    • Excavations have uncovered two barracks housing cavalry troops (twenty-seven troopers and an officer in each), a forehall, granaries, and the remains of a hospital.
    • A cavalry trooper is typically a well-trained ‘jack-of-all-trades’ in the combined arms arena.
    • Because many places along the border were inaccessible to jeeps, troopers frequently had to dismount and walk or crawl to appropriate vantage points.
    • General Alfred Terry traveled due west from Fort Abraham Lincoln in Dakota Territory with a force that included Custer and his Seventh Cavalry troopers.
    • The Marines instinctively opened fire on the troopers, but all their bullets just bounced off the armor.
    • The typical cavalry troop organization in the North had 72 troopers and 60 in the South.
    • Air assault troopers, once on board the helicopters, must be ready to conduct small arms fire through aircraft openings.
    • All twenty troopers opened fire with their machine guns.
  • 2US

    (state police officer)
    agente masculine, feminine
    • Radar detectors do just that - detect radar beams that are being distributed from the radar guns of police officers or state troopers.
    • Many speeding tickets are issued in so-called speed traps, where police officers or state troopers effectively hide their cars and lie in wait for speedy passers-by.
    • The main benefit of a radar detector is to make you aware of police officers or state troopers in the area.
    • Officials placed the city under a state of emergency, imposed a dawn-to-dusk curfew and dispatched hundreds of police officers and state troopers to suppress the riot.
    • Between them and die jail stood a wall of city police officers, sheriffs deputies, and Alabama state troopers.
    • Many police and state troopers still use regular radio wave radar guns to patrol, so these detectors are able to pick up these guns.
    • State police are positioning their troopers, again, on the edge of the storm.
    • As troopers and police took off after the fleeing marchers, a group lit into the reporters.
    • Authorities responded by ordering a crackdown by hundreds of police and state troopers from throughout the state equipped with armored personnel carriers, dogs and helicopters.
    • As he is spotted by the police troopers they move in, apparently intent on forceful arrest, but a fleet-footed dash carries him safely away.
    • Federal marshals are guarding overseas flights, and state troopers are patrolling trains.
    • An aggressive campaign to boost security on Washington state ferries will allow State Patrol troopers to conduct random searches of vehicles as motorists wait to board.
    • At any time, there are between 20 and 30 State Patrol troopers driving along King County's highways, she added.
    • Nebraska State Patrol troopers drove chase cars parallel to the train to stop motorists who didn't obey traffic laws at rail crossings.
    • A major state police force a few years ago gave all their troopers Walther.380s to use as backup guns.
    • I ended up getting a job as a policeman and eventually finished as a state trooper.
    • They used a cell phone to call 911, and the police dispatched a search team that included state troopers, firefighters, dogs, and a helicopter.
    • The prosecution's case collapsed on Wednesday when undercover state troopers were unable to identify a single defendant responsible for committing a crime among mug shots of those arrested.
    • Inside the courtroom, as many as nine uniformed officers, including state troopers and sheriff's deputies, stood guard.
    • After about an hour, a state trooper arrived.