Translation of troth in Spanish:


Pronunciation /trɔθ/ /trɑθ/ /troʊθ/ /trəʊθ/ /trɒθ/


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    by my troth a fe mía
    • By my troth, I love thee more than any other man can.
    • He also assesses critically the corrosive ideology of transient troth and individual gratification that has driven a good deal of this contemporary pathos.
    • The arch-bishop himself, Æthelnoth, came from Canterbury to witness our troth; I could scarce raise my eyes to him, knowing as he must every blemish of my soul.
    • But even these elements derive their efficacy from the fullness of grace and troth entrusted to the Catholic Church.
    • Still, breaking her troth would be difficult, but not impossible.
    • If you haven't guessed by now the answer is located here, gentle readers, and I do beg thy pardon if I spake not in troth.
    • We have much to be thoroughly ashamed of if, in troth, we bear the burdens of one another.
    • And he might have, had Nathan not used a fiction to flush the troth out of hiding.