Translation of trucker in Spanish:


transportista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtrəkər/ /ˈtrʌkə/


  • 1

    transportista masculine, feminine
    camionero masculine
    camionera feminine
    • A spokesman for the bus drivers and truckers pointed out that the delay in the subsidy comes during the month in which many operating bills are due.
    • Finally, racism is an individual problem for truckers and cab drivers, it has nothing to do with systems of wealth and possession.
    • In Belgium, 2,500 truckers, taxi drivers and tour bus operators staged a protest on Sunday in Brussels.
    • Satellite radio was originally marketed to truckers and other long-haul drivers, and receivers were designed to be included in cars and trucks.
    • I have been a trucker and bus driver for 40 years and I think the council would have been better commissioning me or others like myself with some driving experience, it would have been cheaper and better.
    • Police say that the trucker and car driver had a lucky escape.
    • The report by the technical committee outlined a number of reasons for failure on the part of motorists and truckers to make use of the highway.
    • Most of the tables are empty - one is occupied by two men who appear to be long distance truckers, another by a group of teenagers.
    • Replacement bumpers are another interesting modification that is a favorite among truckers.
    • Drowsy driving has long been a hazard, especially for long haul truckers with deadlines to meet.
    • The change really came to pass because truckers really do care about fuel economy and payload.
    • Motorists and truckers also have to pay heavy road tolls on the continent.
    • I occasionally teach driving skills to beginning truckers and safety refresher courses to my company's experienced drivers.
    • There's a huge shortage of truckers, so a drive has begun to recruit women drivers.
    • The rules for American trucks and truckers are very stringent and safety is foremost.
    • Educators help set education policy, mortgage lenders influence housing policies, truckers influence highway regulation, and so on.
    • The pool of truckers had split into two contingents-one that supported full unionization and another that simply wished to form an association.
    • Under pressure of increased costs and competition, truckers have been forced to take on increased workloads and some have sought protection under a union contract.
    • The government has stipulated that truckers can work longer than the new 35 hour limit - but only on the basis that they receive the extra payment as overtime.
    • That case hinged on an interpretation of the Hobbs act, a 1946 law aimed at thwarting gangsters from extorting interstate truckers.