Translation of true in Spanish:


Pronunciation /tru/ /truː/

See Spanish definition of verídico

adjective truer, truest

  • 1

    • 1.1(consistent with fact, reality)

      to be true ser cierto
      • it's true that … es cierto / es verdad que …
      • it can't be true! ¡no puede ser!
      • it's a true story es una historia verídica
      • to come true hacerse realidad
      • to hold true ser válido
      • true, inflation has fallen, but … cierto, la inflación ha disminuido, pero …
      • how true! / too true! ¡si será cierto!
      • you never said / spoke a truer word! ¡tú lo has dicho!
      • it would be truer to say that … sería más correcto decir que …
      • would it be true to say that … ? ¿podría afirmarse que …?
      • they're so stupid it's not true parece mentira que sean tan tontos

    • 1.2(accurate, exact)

      (account) verídico
      (copy) fiel
      the portrait was a true likeness of her el retrato la había captado a la perfección
      • in the truest sense of the word en el sentido estricto de la palabra
      • They're working hard at trying to redress all of this and come to a true, exact count.
      • They are not, however, true or accurate representations of either the West or the East.
      • Introducing the members of his team and the cast at a function, Bala said that the film would depict love in its true sense.
      • If we want to be in a true sense secular state then, we must draw the line between the religion and government institutions.
      • He was a gentleman in the true sense of the word, a man who never spoke ill of another human being and always allowed for human frailty.
      • Their objections are, in the true sense of the word, unthinking.
      • They must convey a true sense of the danger to the protected within, but also a sense of the hope for victory.
      • This is a tragedy, in the true sense of not being about unhappiness, but in the remorseless working out of events.
      • He was a scholar in the true sense of the word, a self-educated man, and a man with a powerful love for literature.
      • These days, teachers are desperate to do more creative work with their classes; to educate in the true sense of the word.
      • Edith's sense of humour, her warmth and her refusal to be resentful make her a survivor in the true sense of the word.
      • Whichever way you choose to eat it, try to make it a regular part of your diet because it is a health food in the true sense of the term.
      • Affirmative action in its true sense is not illegal and not a problem in the least.
      • The nikab, worn in black by this Moroccan woman, is a veil in the true sense of the word.
      • Colleges and universities should form the pyramid's peak in true sense of the word.
      • The world of crimes has become more sophisticated and global in the true sense of the term.
      • We have embarked on a journey without any true sense of where we want to go.
      • He values dedication and long service and is a company man in the true sense of the word.
      • It need cost nothing at all and any couple who have made such a commitment are, in the true sense of the word, married.
      • He told me that he thought his uncle was one of the world's last gentlemen, in the true sense of a man of gentle behaviour and manners.

  • 2

    (real, actual, genuine)
    (purpose/courage/culprit) verdadero
    (friend) auténtico
    (friend) de verdad
    → see also truelove
    a true Mexican/Frenchman un mexicano/francés auténtico
    • give me your true opinion dime de verdad lo que piensas
    • in search of our true selves en busca de nuestra verdadera identidad
    • the rowan is not a true ash el serbal no es un auténtico / verdadero fresno
    • true north el norte geográfico
    • it's true love es amor de verdad
    • It dealt with some of the real, true issues of what this Government is really all about.
    • Statements to the press are now the key in determining true intentions.
    • Yet this is not an actual or true experience, because it does not recur the next day or anytime soon.
    • Thus employer groups may be fooled by the quote provided as this may not be a true reflection of the actual cost to the member.
    • The new environmentalism is marked by a passion for making a true difference in the real world.
    • Decode the neologisms and euphemisms and you gain a rare insight into the strategists' true intentions.
    • But chance brought her face to face with the true intentions of her captors.
    • The Real have true potential so let's hope they get the big break they deserve.
    • The true height of our real greatness is that it can't possibly be quantified.
    • But one did not have to wait that long to understand the dictator's true intentions.
    • But this applies only where the court is left in real doubt about the true meaning.
    • A real giveaway to the true nature of comedians is the complex mixture of alcohol, nicotine and caffeine they need to perform.
    • I sank deeper into my pit of shyness as I forced myself not to dwell upon her true intentions.
    • This is a true shame because the real message of the film is to go out and gather information yourself.
    • The false self is often difficult to argue with, since it has a skill in argument equal to the real or true self on which it preys.
    • Just when my one true dream became real, it suddenly turns out to be my worst nightmare.
    • Of course, everyone wearing masks that hid their true intentions didn't help much.
    • The ideologies have now been unarguably stripped back to reveal the true intention of the power brokers.
    • He had reached her twice now, but had been unable to explain to her his true fate, his real status.
    • Cain was furious, not only had his plan failed but his true intentions had been revealed.
    • The Buddha discovered that the genuine, true thing we keep looking for isn't there at all.
    • I consider that the Family Court does not have true and genuine evidence to support their decision.
    • This was the search for the genuine goal and true essence or martial arts on which he spent most of his time.
    • Are there any other true, genuine, authentic Kabbalah teachers I can recommend?
    • This is O2's way of making sure that the party is attended strictly by true fans that are willing to make the effort and text in.
    • I still feel people, with a true passion and genuine interest, are willing to accept a guru and learn from them.
    • A true patriot moved by genuine criticism would feel pain and the urge to set things right.
    • He often acted the ham, but his true self came through at times like this, too.
    • A person who comes to your rescue when the chips are down is a true and genuine friend.
    • Australia asked the master of the Norwegian ship Tampa to assist, and in true Viking tradition, he did.
    • What starts as a physical pilgrimage turns accidentally into an enquiry into the meaning of true religion.
    • I do not think true religion can be irrational, but it certainly can be more than rational.
    • The fanatics turn to extremism, which has really no basis in the true religion at all.
    • In the blistering heat, and in true family tradition, I was dressed in corduroys and a heavy knitted sweater.
    • In true rock tradition, the band split the crowd in half for a good old-fashioned singalong.
    • In true wedding tradition the happy couple were fêted with confetti as they left the church after taking their vows.
    • Which of these could be allowed to lay claim to being the true representative of that religion?
    • The message of the film is that there is a difference between true faith and fundamentalism.
    • Every effort has been made to maintain the true tradition of golf yet also embrace the best of modern practices.
    • In true darts tradition, Ian gets his preparation in by sinking down a few pints to settle the nerves.
  • 3

    true to sth/sb fiel a algo/algn
    → see also true-to-life
    twelve good men and true doce hombres justos
    • He was faithful, true, a loyal friend, a good son, and he was wise beyond his years.
    • She is remembered as a devoted family woman and a true and loyal friend.
    • You have made an oath and a pledge that you will be a faithful, true and loyal citizen of the United Kingdom.
    • If we want this province not to be the poorest of them all, let us try to be obedient, loyal, true and faithful.
    • The support of your true friends should help you get through it all.
    • If she wanted to do it I was here to give her moral support like a true friend should.
    • They mean you will have true and loyal friendship and success in love.
    • She was devoted to her family and was a fine neighbour and true friend.
    • He probably got married early on, fell in love, and has stayed true and faithful to her ever since.
    • He was a true friend of Betty's and his death was a sad loss to her.
    • I understand now, that we have to go through several acquaintances before we meet true friends.
    • Better still, all her true friends stayed and kept the party going and her spirits high.
    • His life was dedicated to his family first and foremost and, to the many friends he had, he was a true friend.
    • I suppose the saying means that a friend who helps you when you really need help is a true friend, and this is a noble sentiment.
    • A good neighbour and true friend, Sadie was happy and content in her beloved home area.
    • If she's a true friend, you should be able to be honest and open about your feelings.
    • Blessed with a most generous nature, Kathleen was a true neighbour and good friend to many.
    • Not only was she leaving behind the love of her life, but she was also leaving behind her only true friend.
    • You have no one in your life you consider to be a true friend, and never have.
    • He was a true friend to her and inspired her love of horses more than he knew.
  • 4

    to be true estar a plomo
    • his aim is true tiene buena puntería
    • It will lead to a displacement of the user positioning solution from the true position.
    • Only then could I feel confident and proud that my aim was true, and that I was indeed a great hunter.
    • In both directions, the bubble stayed exactly in the middle so I knew that this edge of the level was true.


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    to be out of true no estar a plomo


  • 1 literary

    (speak) con sinceridad
    tell me true dime la verdad
    • He spoke truer than he knew, or else he had foreseen the course of events.
    • By my faith, he may find that he spoke truer than he is aware of.
    • Adam Smith never spoke truer than when he said: "Work is done in the workplace, but the real business of life is usually accomplished while entertaining".
  • 2

    (aim/shoot) certeramente
    • Despite the distance and the wind, Hooper had aimed true.
    • But Martin had played true.