Translation of truly in Spanish:


verdaderamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈtruli/ /ˈtruːli/

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  • 1

    (in reality)
    we'll never know what truly happened nunca sabremos qué sucedió en realidad
    • only a truly international effort will … solo a través de un verdadero esfuerzo internacional se podrá …
    • This is truly, beyond any doubt, the best crab fritter you will ever have in your life.
    • Though if by some other miracle I was able to catch him, I truly doubt he would show as much strength
    • None of us have any doubt that this one truly will deliver.
    • Take pride in the fact that you are truly unique, you're one of a kind; that's not weird.
    • If imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery, his dad James should feel chuffed.
    • Unlike the Tories who are a regional party of the English shires, we can truly say we speak for the wider community in Britain.
    • She was a bit shocked to see how sincere he truly was.
    • Raise your hand if you resolved to really, seriously, truly get in shape this year.
    • Besides, there aren't many white rappers who can truly be taken seriously.
    • It has a long way to go before it can merit serious consideration as a truly effective marketing tool.
  • 2

    (amazing/fantastic) verdaderamente
    (amazing/fantastic) realmente
    • Aren't you at least going to feel a bit sorry for the truly fabulous and real you that never gets to see the world again?
    • I only ever got one truly awful grade on a paper, and man, did I deserve it.
    • The horse-riding sequences are truly excellent and an absolute blast.
    • It was truly dreadful and it was not mercifully short.
    • So, where would you go for a truly wild, absolute monster?
    • The story is truly frightening, the dead come to life and devour the city.
    • He was a truly appalling candidate to begin with, and his campaign was a disaster.
    • She's got this truly terrible habit of emphasising random syllables in news reports.
    • And if you're stuck in a truly uncomfortable situation, speak with a flight attendant.
    • Let us be frank: nobody except the truly feebleminded has ever, once, drawn a second's pleasure from going into a pub and hearing live music.
    • This is an intimate, real, unshowy, deeply emotional, truly special performance.
    • Donald was truly honest when he said that he came for a few pints.
    • It may not seem like much out of context, but the effect within this song is truly wondrous.
    • Having said all that the songs were truly magnificent.
    • I'm sure he is a very, very, very nice chap in real life, but onstage, he is truly dreadful.
    • These are truly inspired and absolutely in keeping with the weird and wonderful world of Dr Seuss.
    • This is a truly dreadful movie, a hotchpotch of historical inaccuracies and romantic fiction.
    • I learnt that I had the strength to get myself out of a truly dreadful situation - barely, but I did it.
    • However, if you're truly serious about your fresh seafood, then you should make straight for the Loch Fyne Oyster Bar on King Street.
    • None of which changes the fact that it's a truly grotesquely dreadful programme.
    • Still, these guys are serious musicians and haven't lost the touch of writing some truly wonderful songs.
  • 3

    (accurately, exactly)
    it may truly be called a masterpiece puede, con toda justicia, calificarse de obra maestra
  • 4

    (grateful) sinceramente
    (grateful) verdaderamente
    (concerned) francamente
    (concerned) verdaderamente
    I'm truly sorry lo siento de verdad / de veras
    • I love you truly te quiero de verdad / de veras
    • yours truly cordiales saludos
    • who ended up doing it? yours truly! ¿quién terminó haciéndolo? un servidor
    • This was a slip of the brain on our part for which we are truly, madly deeply sorry.
    • Really, seriously, truly… how would you handle the situation with the recruiter?
    • It truly was an emotional moment, and I swear I saw more than one tear filled eye among the delighted fans.
    • And I really, truly, sincerely hope you feel exactly the same way about your work.
    • Hayden felt truly sincere and almost started to cry with his words.
    • I really, sincerely, truly hope things are looking better for you, I really do.
    • There was only one thing she could say, and so she said it, hoping that she could sound as sincere as she truly was.
    • How could any father not choose to do what he truly and sincerely thought was best under those circumstances?
    • I can imagine how frustrating it must be for those who truly do take it seriously.
    • An absolutely auspicious week for some serious concentrating on what it is you most truly madly deeply want this year.
    • But if he were truly sorry, he would have admitted his crime and spared Caroline's family the anguish of a drawn-out trial.
    • Tara catches her, and both are killed as Giles shoots Willow in the back, deciding that she's just too dangerous to live, saying he's truly sorry.
    • We were truly, truly sorry that there was the shortfall in our initial funding of the foundation.
    • Not everyone appreciates her properly so I was truly grateful.
    • If anything that is written here offends you, I am afraid that I am not truly sorry and I cannot sincerely apologise for it.
    • It was obvious listening to Jim speak that he truly loves this industry and what he does.
    • I'm sure he is sincere and was truly shocked to find real, live homophobia out in the provinces.