Translation of try in Spanish:


intentar, v.

Pronunciation /traɪ/ /trʌɪ/

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transitive verb tries, trying, tried

  • 1

    • 1.1(attempt)

      to try to + inf tratar de + inf
      intentar + inf

      • he drowned trying to rescue them
      • try to concentrate
      • try and concentrate
      • I'll try to finish it today
      • she tried hard to persuade them
      • just you try!
      to try sth on sb
      • she once tried that on me
      • it's trying to rain
      don't try anything no intentes nada
      • I tried to be a sales executive, a sailor and even got married to try and fit into the role of a good wife.
      • So we though we would give it a try and much to our surprise from the very first time that we tried to grow these blood vessels it worked.
      • She tried to make herself fall asleep so she could try and forget the situation she was in.
      • Nash tried to brake and the last thing I remember was his arm flinging out to try and stop me from flying out of the car.
      • I didn't try and listen or believe your side of the story even when you tried to tell me.
      • We'll try and play the way we have tried to play the last two Test matches.
      • This week I tried to make an effort shake the lethargy which has plagued me recently.
      • Either way, I am going to start making a dedicated effort to try and stop using those words myself.
      • The white nuns who came here made a big effort to try and teach your mother.
      • All members and players please try and make an effort to attend meeting as it is a very important event.
      • I made one last effort to try and reason with our doctor, but it was all for nothing.
      • He opened his eyes again with great effort and tried to comprehend what he was looking at.
      • With effort, he tried to sit up and the hot, white pain that coursed through him was more than he could bear.
      • If that is the case, you really should make an effort to try and catch him while you can.
      • He grabbed one of the snowshoes and with a bit of effort tried to clear some of the snow.
      • I have spent a lot of time, effort and money to try and put together the next project.
      • Now the next step is launching an effort to try and make sure that we can take costs out of the system.
      • If she can just make an effort to try and be better, she can actually live a much better life.
      • I wish that there were attempts to try and circulate the information to young women that they do have a choice.
      • We were disrupted by efforts to try and merge our information systems and find new headquarters.

    • 1.2(attempt to operate)

      he tried all the windows probó a abrir todas las ventanas
      • she tried the switch, but nothing happened le dio al interruptor, pero nada de nada

  • 2

    • 2.1(experiment with)

      (product/technique/food) probar
      to try -ing
      • have you tried frying it?
      • shall we try adding a little oil?
      • try looking at the problem from another angle
      to try sth on sb
      • I tried the recipe on the kids and they hated it
      • she tried her lecture on us first
      I've tried everything, but the stain won't come out he probado con todo, pero la mancha no sale
      • I've never tried raw fish nunca he comido / probado pescado crudo
      • try some pruébalo
      • we're going to try the coast this year este año vamos a probar qué tal nos va en la playa
      • There are many tried and tested methods that have been used in Europe before.
      • Parents will be able to try different sorts and if they like them can buy their own stock.
      • Please bear in mind that I have seen a lot of therapists who try different kinds of therapy.
      • Popular-yet-dormant brands, and tried and tested formulae are revived and revisited all the time.
      • The genre has certain formulaic elements, tried and tested in their saleability.
      • They are the result of centuries of experience and wisdom, tried and tested.
      • This was our tried and tested pattern for five out of the six days.
      • Several top football countries use this system so it is tried and tested.
      • Our combinations are tried and tested in many cases, which does help.
      • A few approaches to this problem have been tried in different countries in the last two decades.
      • Granted it wasn't tried and tested, but, it did have a basis on common sense.
      • They are all productions that are tried and tested and that are not usually that complex.
      • The oil has been tried and tested throughout the season and offers extremely good durability.
      • Sadly, the idea of the game has been tried and tested so many times it seems old hat now.
      • Now we have tried and tested it with bluechips and there are definite signs of an upturn.
      • He said there was no reason the new system could not work, that it was tried and tested all over Europe.
      • His methods, he admits, are not new but have been tried and tested in Canada.
      • To scientists a theory is an idea that has been tried and tested by experiments and has passed every test.
      • Science fact is that IVF with donor eggs is a tried and tested way to help infertile couples have children.
      • The important point is that the stallion will have been tried and tested in the toughest race of all.

    • 2.2(have recourse to)

      she tried Jack, but he didn't know se lo preguntó a Jack pero él no lo sabía
      • I'll try his work number voy a probar a llamarlo al trabajo
      • I tried several bookshops before I found a copy busqué en / recorrí varias librerías antes de encontrar un ejemplar

  • 3

    • 3.1(put to the test)

      (person/courage) poner a prueba
      • Sam was duly tried and convicted on the conspiracy count but the Appellant was not called as a witness at that trial.
      • Within two days, both men were tried, convicted and sentenced to two years' jail.
      • The soldiers were subsequently tried by a regimental court martial and acquitted.
      • He was tried before a judge sitting alone and convicted of three counts of murder and appealed.
      • In due course, the great majority of war criminals were tried under a national jurisdiction.
      • A few junior officers were tried by a military tribunal and given light sentences.
      • The great majority of war criminals were tried in the territories where the crimes were committed.
      • For that crime, she was tried, convicted, and sent back to slavery, thus restoring his property.
      • Her nine-day reign was followed by the Roman Catholic Queen Mary, who tried him for treason.
      • With other conspirators he was tried and sentenced to death on a charge of treason in November 1553.
      • He was tried as a Nazi collaborator in 1946 but was acquitted and allowed to resume his career.
      • Cromwell, who had wanted to spare the King, saw no way out but to try him for treason.
      • The court will try individuals accused of committing genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.
      • One of its first orders is to set up special tribunals to try members of the former regime.
      • She was tried by one judge, rather than by a panel of three, as required by law.
      • He was tried, after a fashion, and turned over to the Roman prefect, with the recommendation that he be executed.
      • They purged Parliament in December, tried him, and had him executed in January 1649.
      • He refused to serve on the court that tried Charles I but joined the Council of State in 1652.
      • After the war many camp officials were tried and punished, but others escaped.
      • As cricket has discovered the game has to be approachable and rain delays try the patience of everyone.
      • She tried my patience sometimes, but equally I probably didn't give enough of a chance.
      • After a year of sustained eyebrow raising and boomerang pints, they now no longer try my patience or my vocal chords.
      • As well as trying taxpayers' patience, the worsening gridlock is costing big money.
      • What he said went without argument and we knew better than to try his patience, and anyway, he kept his cane within easy reach.
      • As it is, literally having to watch the grass grow starts to sorely try the patience.
      • But if it tries the moviegoer's patience, the film never cedes its fascination.
      • His tribulations at a sport at which he previously naturally excelled would have tried the patience of a saint.
      • It is a game that rewards perseverance but tries your patience.
      • But that's only the first of a number of instances in which he tries our patience.
      • I didn't really have to try my patience because I didn't make any big mistakes.
      • They know dawdling only tries the government's patience.
      • Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy my job, I might even venture to say I love it, but it sometimes tries my patience.
      • Antoine is annoyed that Helene was late meeting him after work, and the heavy traffic tries his patience.
      • Well, there is an answer to that-but I have tried the reader's patience long enough.

    • 3.2(put strain on)

      (patience) poner a prueba
      these things are sent to try us Dios nos pone a prueba

  • 4

    (person/case) juzgar
    to try sb for sth juzgar a algn por algo
    • The actions were consolidated and the judge agreed to try preliminary issues which are the subject of this appeal.
    • The information is invalid and as such this Court has no jurisdiction to try the issue arising therefrom.
    • This I have done and I have told him that I can see no reason why I should not continue to try the case.
    • This delay is within the ambit of what might be considered inherent in trying a case.
    • Attorneys who try cases at the courthouse said they had not seen him wearing it before.

intransitive verb tries, trying, tried

  • 1

    the team just isn't trying el equipo no está haciendo ningún esfuerzo
    • I can't do it: will you try? no puedo, prueba / inténtalo tú
    • try as we might, we made no progress por más esfuerzos que hacíamos, no progresábamos nada
    • if at first you don't succeed try, try and try again si al principio no lo logras, sigue intentándolo
    • you have to try harder tienes que esforzarte más
    • she couldn't be hurtful if she tried es incapaz de herir a nadie

nounplural tries

  • 1

    intento masculine
    tentativa feminine
    it's worth a try vale la pena intentarlo / hacer la tentativa / hacer la prueba
    • that's not the right answer, but it was a good try esa no es la respuesta, pero no estabas tan desencaminado
    • there's no answer, I'll give him/it another try later no contestan, insistiré / volveré a llamar más tarde
    • have another try vuelve a intentarlo
    • she's going to have another try at the exam va a volver a presentarse al examen
    • It just took me a few weeks and just a few tries to accomplish all that.
    • Then my foot slipped off on only the second move of my third try.
    • Otherwise why would they have come back for a second and a third try?
    • The blistering cold wore on the engine kept it from staring until the third try.
    • On the second or third try, I got my glasses on a tiny wren half hidden in the grasses.
    • To my astonishment, I make it up on my second attempt and by the third try I manage to stay up for a full three minutes.
    • Yet in my exhausting tries, I couldn't concentrate on making a conscious effort of it, not while this sheep dog was left standing.
    • It took me a few tries and a lot of effort before I was able to stand upright.
    • The chef handed her some paper, and she took around five tries to get a suitable signature.
    • The second and third tries in a different spot on his finger were also unsuccessful.
    • Sometimes, first tries and the limits of low budgets make better films, never mind the special effects improvements.
    • What made the difference was sleeping after having a first few tries at the problems involved.
  • 2

    (trial, experiment)
    this wine should be worth a try merece la pena probar este vino
    • we'll give him a try le daremos una oportunidad
    • have you had a try on his bike yet? ¿ya has probado su bicicleta?
    • Even if the idea seems strange, give it a try, as you have nothing to lose, but only to gain.
    • I didn't even know if asking her was a good idea or not, but I'll give it a try and see what happens.
    • It was getting excellent reviews there, so I decided to give it a try.
    • If you wonder how you will look with different eye colors, give color contacts a try.
    • However if you do give this form of fishing a try you may be pleasantly surprised.
    • After a few more tries, I finally gave up and turned to examine myself in the mirror.
    • He should have allowed for one more try of a different sort to see if it might be possible to get some movement.
    • If you're already prepared to give the essay a try, you can find a download page here.
    • If yes, definitely give it a try, but don't think only in terms of accomplishing anything.
  • 3

    (in rugby)
    ensayo masculine
    try masculine Argentina
    to score a try marcar un ensayo
    • We can find out about games played, tries scored, goals kicked, brothers and fathers, referees, captains and so on.
    • The action was fast moving and skilful, enterprising and well judged and both sides produced two tries and two penalty kicks.
    • While he was off the pitch the Giants scored two tries and a drop goal took their lead to 15-12.
    • In his career, he has played more than 260 professional matches, scoring 78 tries and kicking 100 goals and five drop goals.
    • Players score tries by getting the ball over the opponents' touchline.