Translation of tsarina in Spanish:


zarina, n.

Pronunciation /zɑˈrinə/ /(t)sɑˈrinə/ /zɑːˈriːnə/ /tsɑːˈriːnə/

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    zarina feminine
    • Whenever political theorists looked for a contemporary example of such a government, their eyes fell upon either the Ottoman sultans or the Russian tsars and tsarinas.
    • The authors of the subsequent essays then use these factors, to varying degrees, to discuss a particular period of development of the Russian military forces under the tsars (and tsarinas).
    • Although the rulers of the empire were formally called emperors, they were still popularly referred to as tsars or tsarinas.
    • The last czar of Russia, Nicholas II, and his czarina, Alexandra, led a contented family life with four daughters and a son.
    • Added to this cocktail were rumours that the tsarina, Alexandra, and her favourite, the infamous Rasputin, were German spies.