Translation of tuft in Spanish:


mechón, n.

Pronunciation /təft/ /tʌft/

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  • 1

    (of hair)
    mechón masculine
    (on top of head) copete masculine
    • Jake collapsed into a heap in the grass under the willow and started bawling, grabbing a few tufts of crinkly brown grass and tearing them out by the roots.
    • At fifty-nine, he was mostly bald, though a few white tufts of hair grew right behind his ears.
    • He had fluffy tufts of black hair and an infectious smile.
    • He was handsome and burly in a way, bald but with white tufts of hair rimming his skull.
    • The fluted trunk is sprouting tufts of grass and although still covered in bark, the sapwood underneath is mush.
    • Hiding places can be found in between rocks, in tufts of grass or on the branches of low-lying trees or plants.
    • After eight years of restorative grazing, the streambeds are bursting with emerald tufts of grass, and the water runs clear.
    • At present it looks untidy with small tufts of grey grass here and there.
    • He blew out a breath of frustration, and brushed aside the tufts of blonde hair that stuck out at odd angles from under the brim of his helmet.
    • Most backgrounds are also well defined, with very close attention paid to detail on tufts of grass, trees, and rocks.
    • His short tufts of brown hair were beginning to show signs of grey, and his forehead one or two wrinkles, but his eyes were still alive with determination as he puffed his pipe.
    • He picked at the tufts of grass at his shoes, and mumbled, ‘Well, all the same, I prefer sitting here with you.’
    • The horse was moving at a steady gallop, hooves kicking up tufts of dirt and grass.
    • The child's skin was a dusky brown, and tufts of darker hair were just beginning to grow.
    • She looked down at the tufts of grass peeking through the wooden slats.
    • Around them all was silent on the approach to the rear of the station where only weeds and tufts of grass grew.
    • They had clambered over a large tract of huge sand dunes littered with tufts of hardy grass, and scattered clumps of cacti, but the sand soon gave way to mountain slopes.
    • The Cotton grass has tiny flowers with tufts of white silky hairs at the top of a stalk.
    • There were different colors of dirt and pebble scattered in between tufts of grass.
    • Small tufts of tall grass were scattered throughout the flat plain, blades waving slightly in the minuscule breeze.
  • 2

    (of grass) mata feminine
    (of feathers) penacho masculine