Translation of tumbledown in Spanish:


en ruinas, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtəmbəlˌdaʊn/ /ˈtʌmb(ə)ldaʊn/


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    en ruinas
    • The streets are a hodgepodge of cheap housing next to restored buildings, interspersed with tumbledown shacks.
    • The court sat in a tumbledown building.
    • Converting the tumbledown buildings could cost £2 million but he hopes to get help from outside organisations.
    • In 1957, when the decision to restore them was taken, the tumbledown buildings were in a sorry state.
    • Due for auction on Wednesday, the future of the tumbledown structure now hangs in the balance.
    • The number of tumbledown cottages and derelict properties for sale is going down and building costs are going up.
    • He bought the tumbledown Villa.
    • I was sick to death of filming green fields and hedgerows and tumbledown barns.
    • Princess Grace's three children became owners of the tumbledown cottage after her death.
    • They live in tumbledown shacks.
    • These people live in tumbledown shacks which they share with whatever animals they may have.
    • The programme will narrate the transformation of a tumbledown church into a striking home with a spectacular interior.
    • Permission to develop the site is not a formality but the presence of tumbledown outbuildings is usually looked upon favourably.
    • This is more like the backwoods America of popular folklore, all tumbledown shacks and pick - up trucks.
    • Once just a set of tumbledown cottages, this is now a retreat centre.
    • Three years ago we also bought an island with a tumbledown house off the Welsh coast.
    • A group of security men suddenly emerge from a tumbledown shack, guns thrown over their shoulders as casually as jackets.
    • Life in the tumbledown bathhouse seems hopelessly anachronistic.
    • After a very short stretch we came to a row of tumbledown shacks.
    • She and her sister Lucy were scrambling up a Ligurian hillside under the broiling Italian sun when they spotted a tumbledown house.