Translation of Turk in Spanish:


turco, n.

Pronunciation /tərk/ /təːk/

Definition of turco in Spanish


  • 1

    turco masculine
    turca feminine
    • The Turks, the Turkish government will strongly oppose that.
    • Turkey and Turks have an historical responsibility for region and us.
    • The shared part of the Armenian diet is the Mediterranean foods widely familiar among Arabs, Turks, Greeks.
    • He currently has an office staff made up of two Americans, two Germans, two Turks, two Brazilians and two Greeks.
    • Other groups include Germans, Gypsies, Romanians, Slovenians, and Turks.
    • The treaty only served to anger the nationalist Turks who sought to overturn it.
    • Growing up in the inner city in Melbourne, our neighbours consisted mainly of Greeks, Italians, some Turks and later, Lebanese.
    • He recalled life under the Turks and the British.