There are 2 main translations of turkey in Spanish

: turkey1Turkey2


pavo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtərki/ /ˈtəːki/

Definition of pavo in Spanish

nounplural turkeys

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    • 1.1(bird)

      pavo masculine
      guajolote masculine Mexico
      chompipe masculine Central America
      • Restrictions and slaughter provisions apply to domestic fowls, turkeys, geese, ducks, guinea fowls, quail, ratites, pigeons, pheasants and partridges reared or kept in captivity.
      • It feeds primarily on deer, but its diet may also include small mammals, wild turkeys, and occasionally domestic livestock, when available.
      • Western ragweed provides forage for deer and the fruits are an important food source for upland game birds, wild turkeys and songbirds.
      • Both domestic and wild turkeys are very susceptible to infection when they are young but appear to develop parasite species- or strain-specific immunological resistance as they age.
      • The area is home to a variety of other birds, including nesting bald eagles, hawks, owls, bluebirds and several other songbirds, wild turkeys, herons, and waterfowl.
      • Birds at the farm include 35 chickens, eight peafowl, a pair of bronze turkeys, geese, domestic ducks and 50 exotic birds ranging from a finch to a macaw parrot in an outdoor aviary.
      • All species of poultry - large fowl, bantams, waterfowl and turkeys - are kept by thousands of people as pets or simply because they have the space and like to see them around.
      • A good display of chickens, boiling fowls and rabbits has replaced Christmas turkeys.
      • Some domestic breeds such as turkeys have very colourful feathers.
      • Rifles are legal for wild turkey hunting in some areas.
      • A wild turkey gobbled, and we returned to camp for dinner beneath a full moon.

    • 1.2(meat)

      pavo masculine
      • The experts tell vegetarians they can eat soy to take the place of real foods like turkey or steak.
      • One of my mainstays was mince - beef, pork, turkey or lamb; I didn't often mince the meat myself, as I could not afford the joint in the first place.
      • Heavy wood smoke is perfect for ribs, turkey, brisket and pork shoulder but never for a delicate chicken.
      • Eat a range of meats for protein; include chicken, turkey, lean red meat, fish and lean pork in your diet.
      • Why does cranberry go with turkey, or Chablis with oysters?
      • I love burgers so much and now I can't eat what I want when I want, veggie burgers and turkey burgers replace the steak - I cook them on the grill.
      • Perhaps no pairing is greater than that of turkey with cranberry sauce.
      • Vix went for a festive option, escalopes of turkey stuffed with cranberry and lemon with sage.
      • Demand for poultry has grown steadily for decades, and U.S. consumers now eat more chicken and turkey than red meat.
      • Change the water every 30 minutes until turkey is thawed.
      • She sighed to herself and undid the green wrapping that encased her bagel, turkey, and Monterey Jack cheese sandwich.
      • The Spring 2002, we ordered our first heritage turkey from Slow Food in New York.
      • The rabbit itself tasted fine - a cross between chicken, turkey, and pork.
      • The county's farms are recognised as producing some of the country's best turkey, beef, sausages and hams.
      • Stuff wheat bread with lean cold cuts such as turkey, ham or roast beef, then add tomatoes, lettuce and peppers to give your child a healthy serving of vegetables.
      • Prizes on the lines are turkey, ham, meat vouchers, whiskey and wine.
      • This pre-Christmas recipe calls for minced fresh turkey meat, preferably from a free-range, organic bird.
      • I took it to the kitchen and cut through the black coat to discover moist turkey meat inside.
      • Carmella served three kinds of meat including: turkey, beef, and turtle.
      • The best protein sources to include in your diet include chicken, beef, turkey, tuna, salmon, eggs, and low-fat cottage cheese.

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    • 2.1US Theatre

      bodrio masculine informal
      • The closest we have gotten to this genre in recent years are the various pirate turkeys and submarine films.
      • His most recent films, execrable turkeys have achieved the seemingly impossible by being even crasser and less watchable than their dismal predecessors.
      • He is collecting votes for the worst turkey film of all time.

    • 2.2informal (person)

      papanatas masculine, feminine informal
      pato mareado masculine Spain informal

There are 2 main translations of Turkey in Spanish

: turkey1Turkey2


Turquía, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtərki/ /ˈtəːki/


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    Turquía feminine