Translation of turn to in Spanish:

turn to

phrasal verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(direct attention to)

      she turned to me with a smile me miró sonriéndome

    • 1.2(focus on)

      to turn to another subject pasar a otro tema
      • she turned to the subject of punctuality pasó al tema de la puntualidad
      • his mind turned to thoughts of escape se puso a pensar en escaparse

    • 1.3(resort, have recourse to)

      to turn to sb/sth for sth
      • he turned to nature for inspiration
      • she turned to her parents for support
      to turn to violence/other means/a friend recurrir a la violencia/otros medios/un amigo
      • she had no one to turn to no tenía a quien recurrir
      • to turn to drink darse a la bebida
      • he turned to music as an escape buscó un escape en la música

    • 1.4(become)

      convertirse en
      devenir literary
      everything he touched turned to gold todo lo que tocaba se convertía en oro
      • gradually spring turns to summer poco a poco la primavera da paso al verano

  • 2

    (get busy)
    poner manos a la obra
    if we all turn to, we'll have this done in no time si ponemos todos manos a la obra, lo haremos en un santiamén