Translation of turnaround in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈtərnəˌraʊnd/ /ˈtəːnəraʊnd/

See Spanish definition of procesamiento


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    (of passengers) operación de desembarque y embarque feminine
    (of freight) operación de carga y descarga feminine
    • They did a quick turnaround of the aircraft, and thus nobody got any food.
    • It is looking at a faster turnaround of vehicles unloading waste and collections of items to be recycled.
    • It is hoped the development will allow a quicker turnaround time for ships coming into Sligo Harbour, particularly as the winter brings shorter daylight hours.
    • The airport will need to be able to facilitate quick flight turnarounds as well as deal with growing passenger numbers.
    • After a quick turnaround at Waterford, the London Luton bound Aer Arann ATR72 lifted off the runway on time at 3pm.
    • The aircraft turnaround time is scheduled to be no more than 25 minutes so charges are also low.
    • Tightened security on domestic flights has lengthened the turnaround time for aircraft.
    • With quick turnarounds, there is no time to properly service and airplane.
    • It would also need to cut aircraft turnaround times at airports - another key tactic used to devastating effect by its low-cost competitors.
    • As I stepped off the plane, the ground crew rushed in, handling freight and luggage in anticipation of the quick turnaround.
    • After a quick turnaround on deck, I again found myself waiting at the holdshort for runway 15.
    • First, the cleaning time of an aircraft is low, as the cabin crew performs this task and no external cleaning team has to enter the aircraft during turnarounds.
    • Many budget airlines have fast turnarounds, with airlines unloading their passengers and quickly reboarding.
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    (of orders)
    procesamiento masculine
    • As systems become more accessible, customers demand a faster turnaround.
    • Carter maintains that the turnaround he was hired for was complete, and that he left voluntarily.
    • RTE says the turnaround time is a fraction of a second.
    • Because of the economic recession, expect a long turnaround time.
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    (space for turning)
    espacio para dar la vuelta masculine
    • Already a new hard standing area for lorry turnarounds has been laid at Rolawn's Elvington headquarters where the York depot will be based.
    • There was only the limousine, disappearing once more around the corner of the estate wall toward the turnaround.