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doce, n.

Pronunciación /twɛlv/

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    doce masculino
    twelve (o'clock) midnight/noon las doce de la noche/del mediodía
    • All this occurred between twelve and one o'clock this morning.
    • Byrne's World of Wonder, on the Cork Road, Waterford will be open at midnight on Friday and will commence selling the book at one second past twelve!
    • Unfortunately, those three came back at five past twelve.
    • At ten past twelve I looked at my watch and realised - oh!
    • Back to the present, quarter past twelve today, I got back to Reading to find the thing was still there.
    • At half past twelve, Margot and Daddy read, and others clean.
    • The seminar ran every Wednesday from half past twelve to two o'clock in Mathematical Institute.
    • So it wasn't a very big surprise when Dustin and Justin showed up at half past twelve.
    • The clock struck twelve, and several guards shooed the reporters out of the castle.
    • Suddenly the clock struck twelve and the two were broken from their trance.
    • I've walked twelve miles today, and most of it on roads - busy and congested - and my feet hurt from the heavy pack and the asphalt.
    • She stopped to rest twice but covered the entire twelve miles on foot.
    • On the ground floor the books must go twelve feet up the wall, and you can't even read the titles of the ones on the top shelf without a ladder.
    • Thirty-six million years ago, volcanic mudflows blocked a stream flowing through this valley, producing a lake about twelve miles long.
    • These were generally a few inches to twelve feet thick and were concentrated along a linear distance of about two miles.
    • The space is largely filled with wide metal shelves, about twelve feet high and four feet deep.
    • She has four children and twelve grandchildren.
    • The new board will comprise twelve members, including four worker directors.
    • We have twelve olive trees, four fig trees, one pomegranate and a couple of as-yet-unidentified trees.
    • The creatures were roughly six feet tall standing on all four legs, and could have been at least twelve feet long.
    • There are two cabins, one sleeping four, the other a small trappers cabin, measuring twelve feet by sixteen feet sleeping two people.
    • In order to tailor each course to your company's requirements, we plan to confine group sizes to between four and twelve participants.
    • Watch for the number of stores to increase dramatically in the next twelve months.
    • After letting it ring twelve times she threw the phone on the bed.
    • Over the past twelve years, the NCH has worked with homeless shelters around the country.
    • At exactly twelve minutes past two by my wristwatch the unbearable feeling of tension collapsed, and I knew it was over.
    • At age 34, and after six apartments in the past twelve years, I made a vow: No more renting.
    • Place twelve good-quality sausages into a casserole dish.
    • These twelve essays examine an enormous number of aspects involved in keeping the peace and resolving conflict in troubled parts of the world.
    • He said that he had raised this issue in the Parliament twelve or thirteen years ago.


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    (invariable adjective) doce