Translation of type in Spanish:


tipo, n.

Pronunciation /taɪp/ /tʌɪp/

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    • 1.1(sort, kind)

      tipo masculine
      suitable for all skin types / all types of skin apropiado para todo tipo de pieles / pieles de todo tipo
      • it's a type of … es una especie de …
      • a Marilyn Monroe type voice una voz tipo Marilyn Monroe / del tipo de la de Marilyn Monroe
      • it's not my type of book no es el tipo / la clase de libro que me gusta
      • he's not that type of person no es (de) ese tipo / esa clase de persona
      • he's all right, but he's not my type no está mal, pero no es mi tipo (de hombre)
      • I know his type conozco a los de su calaña
      • he's the jealous type es del tipo de hombre celoso
      • Rates for at least six common types of cancer, country by country, correlate with the consumption of animal source food.
      • Nutritionists and fitness gurus have created an entire lexicon based on fruits to describe common body types.
      • Classed as a primitive breed, they bear little resemblance to more common types of sheep with thick white fleeces.
      • With the information you have given me, I can only give you the common types of rashes in her age group.
      • The following are some of the most common types of media and their characteristics.
      • To point the way, they suggest four designs geared to the most common types of laneway lots.
      • Now a test for detecting cancer very early by picking out cells sensitised against tumour and antigens common to all types of cancer, has been developed.
      • I think the common explanation for these types of addictions is that they are an ‘escape’ from a miserable life.
      • There are also other, less common types of seizure.
      • The N-Profiles are the most common types and the easiest to treat.
      • Three types of sharks are common in the area: the sand tiger shark, bull shark and scalloped hammerhead.
      • The commonest type of trichome is uniseriate, two to four-celled, with a clavate or subclavate terminal cell.
      • This type of cancer is common in men but there is an increasing incidence of women sufferers in Ireland.
      • The most common types are the blacksmith plover, kittlitz's plover and spur-winged plover.
      • Counterfeiting is one of the most common types of card fraud.
      • The three most common types of conjunctivitis are: viral, allergic and bacterial.
      • First we'll run down the basic differences between the more common types of beer.
      • The tips are the same type of common sense platitudinous advice that columnists dispense on a regular basis.
      • A common type of invisible bra consists of two cups made of thick silicone sheets with an adhesive inner layer.
      • The most common types of sports injuries are sprains and strains.

    • 1.2

      (typical example) tipo masculine
      (typical example) ejemplo típico masculine
      (stereotype) estereotipo masculine
      to revert to type sufrir una regresión / reversión al tipo original
      • he was nice to me for a while, but soon reverted to type por un rato fue agradable conmigo, pero pronto volvió a ser el de siempre
      • The style of winemaking is very much in the big and bold French Bordeaux type.

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    • 2.1(characters)

      tipo (de imprenta) masculine
      in large/small type en caracteres grandes/pequeños
      • it depends on the type depende del tipo (de imprenta)
      • it's italic type está en bastardilla / cursiva
      • The final paragraph of the letter, printed in bold type, made it very clear what would happen if they didn't accept.
      • Loci of noncoding markers that have possible codominant alleles are in boldface italic type.
      • As if to emphasise the point, the report prints the comment in bold type.
      • Also important is the relationship between room size and video display screen size and type.
      • Such themes are all clearly presented in the body of the commentary and helpfully emphasised in bold type.
      • Lesson One in printing on cheap newsprint is surely never to print black type over a highly coloured background.
      • Those positions located in the catalytic core of the ribozyme are shown in italicized boldface type.
      • Later, the sign was replaced by a new one, just as lavish, on which the message was printed in larger type.
      • It consists of the title and not more than three sentences presented in bold type which is larger than some of the section titles.
      • It suggests that exact quantities should be printed clearly in larger type on the front of packages and should be easily understood.
      • Certain characteristics distinguish one type of print from another.
      • Each religion is announced in bold type followed by a paragraph or two of elementary explanation.
      • Headings in bold type naturally lead the eye to the photo captions contained within the body of the text.
      • It's not often that an author is prompted to make a statement in bold type to correct what he sees as a gross misunderstanding.
      • I have used bold type to indicate any item or portion thereof that has been revised.
      • Parameters to which the model is sensitive are in bold type.
      • He has adopted the usual practice on page 57 of using bold type, separating out the order that he is making.
      • She quickly opened the folder and flicked through some of the pages, her eyes skimming over the bold type.
      • This message appeared in bold type across the front of a postcard sent by my sister in 1989, when my husband and I bought our first home.
      • Predictions of exceptionally high tides are given in bold type.
      • She turned her attention to a stack of home health orders, with type so small she could hardly read it.

    • 2.2(blocks)

      tipos (de imprenta) masculine
      to set sth up in type componer algo
      • As with the Bixler pieces, printer's type was used to impress an inscription around the rim.
      • The inscriptions were created by pressing printer's type into the clay before it hardened.

transitive verb

  • 1

    escribir a máquina
    tipear South America
    could you type this for me? ¿me puedes pasar / escribir esto a máquina?
    • 150 typed pages 150 páginas (escritas) a máquina / mecanografiadas

intransitive verb

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    escribir a máquina
    tipear South America