Translation of typeset in Spanish:


componer, v.

Pronunciation /ˈtaɪpsɛt/ /ˈtʌɪpsɛt/

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transitive verb typesetting, typeset, typeset

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    • Although most of the text is typeset, there are many passages that are hand-written, and there are also proof-reading corrections hand-printed within the textual passages.
    • Daniel also typesets the newsletter put out on a fort-nightly basis by the local boy scouts organisation.
    • She could have typeset their pretty record of the expedition, ridden bareback on the ponies with her sweeping hair, floored him in their singing contest, sewn ration bags, repaired worn socks.
    • However, learning to typeset documents in the former might be harder at first than doing it in the latter because of the need to manually add control commands to the text, which some people find confusing.
    • The members of my critique group at NovelPros also deserve credit, especially Jamie Lankford who both founded the group and typeset my book.
    • The Peak was accepting contracts to typeset publications for other companies at rates far below those of unionised typesetting shops.
    • He even typeset the present volume and deserves high praise for a fantastic achievement!
    • The book itself is well produced, though some of the large tables spread across double pages are poorly typeset and hard to follow.
    • The long title of the book is typeset in a multi-hued strip running the full width of the cover.
    • At my first job in New York I had an IBM Selectric and carbon paper for copies, and we sent books to be typeset on big linotype machines in Pennsylvania.
    • Herders' words are typeset to stand out from the rest of the text in such a way that they are almost personalized.
    • The present edition has been typeset afresh, with continuous pagination.
    • Even the romanized names were typeset vertically in very small letters, rendering them hardly legible.
    • If it weren't, then everything would be typeset in (your font of choice) and we could all go home.
    • Angle brackets are, however, rare in English and are generally used to enclose material that is not part of the text: for example, instructions to a printer typesetting a text.
    • This remains true, according to Newman, even when the TV stories are transcribed, printed, and typeset as newspaper stories.
    • The on-line support is outstanding, and the output, being typeset, is visibly better than anything done with a word processor, even on the same 600 dpi laser printer.
    • But I wonder: would Zhang's personal genealogy have been even the least bit memorable had it been typeset on paper, etched into stone, even emblazoned on a wall?
    • It could be illustrated well, it could be typeset well, but I think that essay talks more about things that are out of the designer's control and is talking more about human culture.