Translation of typical in Spanish:


típico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtɪpɪk(ə)l/


  • 1

    a typical middle-class family una típica familia de clase media
    • with typical lack of tact con su típica / característica falta de tacto
    • that's just typical of her eso es típico de ella
    • he arrived late — (how) typical! llegó tarde — ¡típico! / ¡cuándo no!
    • isn't that typical: it's starting to rain! ¡no podía fallar: está empezando a llover!
    • Unfortunately, this is hardly a typical example of the quality available in pubs.
    • He has quality, is a typical modern player and has great technical ability.
    • What is remarkable about those four, pretty typical examples is that they were all spoken in one day in late April.
    • The most typical examples were the realignment of candidacy lists in Kowloon East and Kowloon West.
    • Your spurious example of a woman with friends in Switzerland is a typical example of muddying the waters.
    • One recent government decision is a typical example of ideological nonsense.
    • Other typical symptoms include muscle pain and aching on minimal exercise, as well as mood and sleep disturbance.
    • The situation in Hull is a typical example of why the Government announced earlier this week a major crackdown on truancy.
    • In case you are not a regular browser of the business section of your local bookstore, let me describe a typical example of the genre.
    • Eliecer and his family are an example of a typical Columbian coffee family.
    • Since he did not develop the typical symptoms, he thought the test might have been a false positive.
    • It is a typical example of the absurdly piecemeal nature of road planning in Britain since the dawn of the mass motoring area.
    • The symptoms of bird flu in people vary from typical flu symptoms to eye infections and pneumonia.
    • So it is important to be attentive to typical symptoms such as sudden dizziness or headaches.
    • Debt experts have claimed she is a typical example of people who have been caught out by the boom in easy credit.
    • So what we have is just a typical example of a publisher claiming credit for something he had nothing to do with.
    • The development of industrial zones is a typical example of how the the national resources have been misused.
    • The diagnosis of MI was based on typical clinical symptoms, ECG changes and enzyme elevations.
    • This is a typical example of arthritic degeneration of the lower cervical, mid thoracic and the lumbar regions of the spine.
    • Symptoms have ranged from conjunctivitis to typical flu-like symptoms.