Translation of typing in Spanish:


mecanografía, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtaɪpɪŋ/ /ˈtʌɪpɪŋ/

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    mecanografía feminine
    (error) (before noun) de máquina
    (lesson) de mecanografía
    (lesson) de dactilografía
    (paper) para escribir a máquina
    they teach them typing les enseñan mecanografía
    • my typing is not very good no escribo muy bien a máquina
    • I offered to do some typing for him me ofrecí a pasarle algunas cosas a máquina
    • I've got all this typing to do tengo que pasar todo esto a máquina
    • Jerzy Grotowsky is cited among her influences, and Laurie Anderson is the subject of a lengthy and insightful page of typing.
    • Better stop, because your home page address will be inserted in the middle of your typing.
    • And what is this keyboard with no ink reel and paper feed for my typing?
    • The monitor was 52 columns wide; when your typing reached the end of a line the display shifted left.
    • I think the sub editors would be most annoyed at his inability to properly operate a keyboard, given the quality of the typing in the email he sends to his ‘fans’.
    • With increasing use of their personal computers and typing of their own reports and theses men showed symptoms as well.
    • With the widespread and still growing use of personal computers, typing has become an indispensable part of our ordinary lives.
    • But she did evening classes in shorthand and typing just because she wanted to learn more skills.
    • When I write a paper, the eye-hand skills of typing on a keyboard are largely implicit and out of awareness as I focus on the ideas I am trying to formulate.
    • She could write 134 words a minute on a good day, as she liked to say, and she rarely made errors in her typing.
    • But for now you'll have to send your personal typing to the pool.
    • Margery worked as a clerk for British Rail and was a dab hand at shorthand and typing.
    • She turned off her computer with the typing of a few buttons, and then stood up and went past her, holding the door open for her.
    • The personnel officer did not give a hoot about her typing or shorthand, but liked that she spoke French and had done volunteer work for the British Red Cross.
    • Thanks to everyone who contributed articles and photographs and those who helped with research and typing.
    • Then after the golden moment was heard rapid typing of keys on a computer and electronic buzzes and sounds emitting from within.
    • I suggest less typing and more researching that would reveal why some more established members of this forum are not posting, having covered a volume of material already.
    • But that, I suppose, is my fault - the result of indulging in generational typing.
    • Regardless of whether she enjoyed the menial work of typing or selling or waitressing or clerking, she at least had freedom of movement to a degree.
    • This makes filling out forms, writing e-mail and typing in Web addresses much easier.
    • The space bar on the left works well and typing is somewhere between thumb typing and proper typing.
    • This is a computer-intensive show - plenty of typing and frowning.
    • Then he turned to the computer and took up his typing from where he left off.
    • It's just finding the time to sit at the computer and do the actual typing.
    • He took a quick sip of water from a glass on his desk then resumed typing.
    • Cory stopped typing and scrolled up the page to read what he had just wrote.
    • The convoy stopped, and Sergeant Jones was busy typing on his text message system, one of five communication alternatives.
    • So for me, typing is a pleasure on this keyboard.