Translation of tyrannical in Spanish:


tiránico, adj.

Pronunciation /təˈrænək(ə)l/ /tɪˈranɪk(ə)l/ /tʌɪˈranɪk(ə)l/

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    • Absolutist tyrannies are far more likely than democracies to breed absolutist tyrannical resistance groups willing to do anything to fight back.
    • New Zealanders have those freedoms, which set us apart from tyrannical regimes where Governments tell people what they can and cannot do.
    • So private tyrannies become tyrannical by buying up some of the trade policies of democratic governments.
    • It is hard to imagine that a person could support such a tyrannical regime.
    • Indeed, opposition to tyrannical powers is the highest expression of patriotism, American style.
    • Cruel and tyrannical, he consciously sought to make himself a despot.
    • Anne had told me that Dominic had become cruel and tyrannical.
    • But she couldn't imagine Drake being cruel and tyrannical.
    • Both were wars of choice, waged against tyrannical regimes that did not immediately threaten the United States.
    • When the people were attacked, they would rally behind their dear leader, no matter how tyrannical or cruel he was.
    • No, they would not let themselves fall under some cruel tyrannical usurper.
    • They do not speak honestly about some of the world's most tyrannical regimes.
    • If not, we will be waging military campaigns against new tyrannical regimes over and over again.
    • The West backs up the most tyrannical regimes throughout the region.
    • In our society it is not the tyrannical regimes with dictatorial and despotic power that destroys our freedom.
    • Local officials are portrayed as corrupt and tyrannical but the central leadership is described as paying serious attention to the problems.
    • Then why does he become so tyrannical when he's questioned?
    • Finding the strict regime unnecessarily repressive on the kids, he drafts them into a choir, much to the chagrin of the tyrannical head teacher.
    • He has become a student of one of the most tyrannical leaders in history.
    • The problem is not simply that we allow arms suppliers to the poor and tyrannical to operate in this country; it is much worse.